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Not words but deeds.

I still had to finish one boulder problem at climbing gym Amsterdam Sloterdijk. I haven’t spent much attention to it during my first visit however I think it’s easier than the boulder problem at The Hague.

Amsterdam Sloterdijk Upload problems: Check!

Enjoy the pure action.

Video: Men’s boulder #1 Carola

Lately I have been bouldering a lot. I definitely notice progression when I boulder up to 3 or 4 times a week. My fingers are getting stronger and I have more body tension.

I have to use the advantage of being stronger. A month ago I went to The Hague to sent the Upload boulders. I managed to climb 5 out of 6 problems. In my prior post I wrote that I was too weak to climb the last boulder problem. It was time to change the fact that I didn’t send all the problems at The Globe.

This weekend I returned to The Globe with the intention to send the last boulder. That was my only goal. I took my digital camera and my mini tripod with me and recorded myself during my ascent.

When I got back home I figured I should do something with all my attempts. It’s a waste of memory when you do nothing with your recorded movies. I always avoided editing videos due to too much effort or just lack of time.

Today I got myself a video editing program and let my magic hands work on the raw videos. Editing videos is actually oodles of fun. Easy peasy, despite the millions of options I managed to survive. Seriously, you should give it a try. Below you’ll see my results.

By the way, as of this moment my videos are viewable on your phone, iPad and Android as well. You’re welcome and enjoy the crispy High-Definition quality!

Video: Extended version: The send of Julia

Video: Men’s boulder #3 Julia

Friday evening after work I picked up my Boreal Falcon climbing shoes and my Moon chalk bag at Monk Bouldergym.
I was preparing myself for the next day. Once I got home I packed my bags and couldn’t wait to climb the new boulder problems in Tilburg.

When I woke up this morning, without alarm clock, I felt hungry. So I was fixing myself some breakfast. I didn’t have much food on stock, except a few crackers and Powerbars. I’ll survive for a few hours I suppose, thanks to Powerbar. I ran down the stairs and left my bike at the station the other day which forced me to go on foot or by bus to the station.

1,5 hours later I finally arrived at Neoliet climbing gym Tilburg. The building looks really nice. When I entered the climbing gym, I thought I’d be the first one to climb these Upload problems. I was wrong because a few locals beat me first and sent the problems on Friday evening. So much for my Upload shirt.

I walked down the stairs to the boulder area and saw Mirthe van Liere and Pascal Heger working in the Upload boulders. Obviously I wasn’t the only one who wanted to send the problems.

Ulf Lennertz and Neoliet founder Erik Jacobs joined later on. Too bad Erik doesn’t join the competition, he believes that he’s not in climbing shape however he did manage to send all the problems.

Yeah I think you should join the competition, you won’t fool me, you’re strong enough Erik, but that’s my opinion.

I like the concept of Upload competition. You can go to a climbing gym and work out the problems whenever you want. Well, I know that there are a bunch of climbers out there who recorded their ascents but haven’t uploaded any of their videos yet. I guess that’s a tactic and wait till the very end of this competition and finally upload all the problems at once and suprise everyone. Well if everyone would upload all the videos at the end, I doubt that this concept will ever return again! I just want to say that climbers should upload their videos now to support Monk with this concept.

Anyway, Pascal and Ulf recorded my problems. Without them I wouldn’t be able to record my problems and I thank them for their support.

I didn’t edit any of my videos, please turn off your speakers to mute Ulf’s comments, don’t tell me I didn’t warn you. Below you’ll see all 6 problems. Again I have to admit that it was a nice set of boulder problems and nice to send. Have fun and upload your problems too!

Women’s boulder #1 Vinnie

Women’s boulder #2 Sjors

Women’s boulder #3 Charles

Men’s boulder #1 Lola

Men’s boulder #2 Viola

Men’s boulder #3 Wendela

Extra compilation of Ulf Lennertz, who talks too much haha!

Mirthe is sharing her secrets to Ulf

Ulf working in women’s boulder #2 Sjors

Yesterday I visited a climbing gym at Amsterdam to send more Upload boulders.

The boulder problems for the competition were set in October last year. I know I’m a bit on the late side to send these boulders but you know what? I like challenges. I bet the holds are uber dirty by now but it adds an extra dimension to the boulders.

Luckily I was able to enter the climbing gym in the afternoon. And yes again I skipped my team training. I still like my training however I rather give up training to compete in a competition. Crazy right?

I was right. The holds are dirty. I’m glad I brought my brush with me. First brush the holds and then climb on it. That way I just hope my fingers are able to pinch the holds. Anyway, I’ll cut the crap so you can enjoy my action videos below.

Women’s boulder #1 Frits

Women’s boulder #2 Lodewijck

Women’s boulder #3 Joshua

So I managed to climb all three problems meant for women. Yeah extra points in the category Female for men!

Below you can check out the men’s problems. These are quite tough for short people. I won’t use that as an excuse though, but short people have to use more technique and climb dynamic. I don’t think I climbed dynamic in these videos haha. Again I didn’t manage to send all the men’s boulders. Oh well, sit back and enjoy my action again.

Men’s boulder #2 Jennifer

Men’s boulder #3 Cynthia

Within 10 days I’ve visited all 3 climbing gyms where team Monk has set Upload boulders. 3 more gyms to go in 3 months. Tilburg, Amsterdam and Bussum are already set on my event list. I’m ready for ya and next time I’ll be on time!

Yesterday I wanted to climb more Upload boulders. I guess I’m feeling this competition.

This time I visited climbing gym The Globe at The Hague. I skipped my team training which is usually on Thursday afternoon to climb some Upload boulders. I don’t go to The Globe very often, in other words: never haha.

I managed to find a boulder buddy via Twitter. Ricardo de Leeuw responded to my tweet and was planning to climb in the evening. I haven’t seen him for a while, so it was nice to catch up with him.

Anyway, I entered the gym in the evening and ran into more familiar faces. I was kinda surprised, I knew more people at the climbing gym than I’ve had expected.

I warmed up in 10 minutes more or less and started exploring the Upload boulders, set by team Monk. As I have mentioned before, there are 3 boulders for women and 3 boulders for men and are identified by yellow holds.

Ricardo was nice enough to hold my digital camera and record my attempts. The women’s boulders are nice, however I find one women’s boulder a bit tricky. The third boulder is funny, the holds are not that clean anymore which means extra challenging. I didn’t have someone with me who could clean the hold for me. I cleaned the holds myself, such a pity haha. I still managed to climb all the women boulders though.

Women’s boulder #1 Reini

Women’s boulder #2 Gunther

Women’s boulder #3 Huger

Very soon it became crowded. Frank Bogerman -owner of Axis Round edges- joined the climbing gym and brought along his crew.

It was really nice to boulder among them. I’m sure this climbing gym is their training facility. I had to create some space to climb the rest of the Upload problems. Luckily I managed to solve 5/6 problems pretty quick.

The men’s boulders were not that difficult as well. The third boulder was by far the hardest boulder in my opinion. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to send it. I’m just too weak at the moment haha. The other two boulders are excellent. Perhaps a tad too easy compared to the third boulder.

Anyway, enjoy my raw footages and you’ll see what I’m talking about!

Men’s boulder #1 Lilly

Men’s boulder #2 Billie

Men’s boulder #3 Julia

Thanks for recording Ric. Soon these video’s will be available on Upload.

In the afternoon team member Vera Zijlstra suddenly contacted me about training in the evening at Monk Bouldergym. Usually I don’t train at Monk on Monday evening but today I felt like training. I proposed her to go to City Lizard Bouldergym instead to try the new set of boulders from the Upload competition. We both felt positive about that idea, it was only a matter of realising our plan.

In the evening Vera picked me up by car. I entered her car, sat down in the passenger seat and Vera drove us to Belgium.

During our ride, Vera told everything about the other Upload boulders. I’m up all up to date and can share you that the guys from Monk planned several trips to different climbing gyms to set 6 boulders. Climbing gym Amsterdam, Steep part The Hague and City Lizard have 3 Upload boulders for women and 3 Upload boulders for men. The idea is to record every attempt and upload the footage on a website to collect points. Actually I already knew about this idea but not everyone is familiar with this concept and I just wanted to explain the idea again.

I used my reserved energy and managed to send 2 boulders for men.

Vera is cleaning the holds for me while Rens is observing.

Besides that I also sent all 3 boulders for women. It feels good to have extra boulders you know.

Later in the evening Rens Schop joined the climbing gym. Our climbing world can be pretty small I suppose. It was pure coincidence. He sent the same boulders. Well done Rens. You have my respect.

Vera sent all women boulders. She even sent a boulder for men. Congratulations!

Well I had a nice time with these boulders. I have to admit that these boulders are really worth travelling. The holds are really nice and therefore the movements are unique as well. Perhaps I’ll travel to the other climbing gyms to try the Upload boulders.

Enjoy my raw footages:

Men’s boulder #2 Costanza

Men’s boulder #3 Lolita

Women’s boulder #1 Maxim

Women’s boulder #2 Vladimir

Women’s boulder #3 Alexander

Soon also available on the webpage of Upload.

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