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I have so many video footage, I’m trying to manage it though. Today I’ll spoil you with some Upload videos.

As you know a while ago Upload package #7 has been delivered at Bussum Rocksteady. Rocksteady Bussum seems to be the place to shoot some action!

On the delivery day I managed to be at the venue as well. I brought some company with me, team member Vera Zijlstra and Mirthe van Liere. When we arrived at the climbing gym, we just missed the setters. Talking about a good timing ha!

Anyway, we brought 2 crashpads with us. I brought a few pieces of my new Moon collection with me: green hoody, organic shirt + trousers. I have to admit that it feels really comfy. Luckily the weather was really good, which made me happy.

We started to check out the women’s problems. 3 nice problems. In my opinion I like female problem #3 the most which is set by Joppe and located in the back of the garden.

Video: Women’s boulder problem #1

Video: Women’s boulder problem #2

Video: Women’s boulder problem #3

And after the women’s problems I also checked out the men’s problems. It’s suppose to be a hard package and the setters succeeded in delivering a hard package. I returned once to this climbing gym to climb the first men’s problem, which is actually the easiest problem of all 3. I like the second boulder problem as well, it has a nice swing to it.

Video: Men’s boulder problem #1

Video: Men’s boulder problem #2

You’re missing boulder problem #3. Unfortunately I haven’t send the final boulder problem yet. It’s set in the roof, the first time I was kind of de-motivated when I tried it. The second time when I returned at Bussum, I figured it isn’t really my style of climbing. It’s not an excuse though.

Well, that’s it for now. It was nice to climb at different locations. I’ll send the videos to the Upload webpage soon to collect some more points. Check out the rest of my videos in my previous posts or click here.

Time for videos!

Last week I felt great, however this week my immunity seems pretty weak. Despite my cold, I have more news for you. This week I haven’t climbed much. I want to recover first and hopefully I’ll be back in the game soon.

As promised, my videos from THEA. It’s the hardest package so far. Obviously incomplete as you can count my Upload videos: 5 out of 6.

Video: Women’s boulder problem 1

Video: Women’s boulder problem 2

Video: Women’s boulder problem 3

Video: Men’s boulder problem 1

Video: Men’s boulder problem 2

Yesterday I went to Amsterdam MN THEA for the new set of Upload boulder problems.

Another 6 boulder problems, 3 for men and 3 for women. I was so psyched about it!

Both men and women problems are a bit harder this time. The problems are fun, because you can work out every single move. However in my opinion, I don’t think each boulder problem is fun. Actually I’m curious about the mind set of the setters. Perhaps I just haven’t found the right sequence / method or I’m just too weak for certain boulder problems. I’ll upload the boulder problems soon, so you know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, here’s a trailer from the Upload problems. Enjoy!

Video: Upload THEA trailer

My mission is complete! So far I managed to send all the Upload problems.

I just peddled back and forth to Monk Bouldergym. I recorded myself in this boulder problem. Ulf was funny to climb.

I’m back home, hooked up my camera to my pc and copied this video. What do I do next? Open video edit program, add movie, add random audio, add subs and create new movie in HD. And then I double check if everything is correct and I can start the upload. Just so you know, the longest part of a video, is the upload part.

Anyway, this film is ready to be viewed so enjoy again!

Video: Women’s boulder #2 Ulf

Last Friday the setters of Monk were pleasing everyone with a new set of problems.

It’s a bonus package and this time the problems are really friendly. Again I have a nice set of videos, edited with pleasure, for you. However I don’t have all of them, I think I erased one problem (women’s problem #2 Ulf) during editing haha. Oh well, Ulf is missing but he’s easy to climb. I’ll record that one later. Fortunately the bouldergym is only 5 minutes away from my place! The men’s problems are complete though.

This set of boulders made me happy. Have fun viewing the videos!

Video: Women’s boulder #1 Bart

Video: Women’s boulder #3 Wessel

Video: Men’s boulder #1 Vera

Video: Men’s boulder #2 Myrthe

Video: Men’s boulder #3 Jenna

With Upload you move from Amsterdam – The Hague – Belgium St. Niklaas – Tilburg and Eindhoven, it’s been a great journey filled with magical actions.

I’ve uploaded my final challenging problem to complete the rest of the Upload problems. The magic action was delivered at bouldergym St. Niklaas, where I wasn’t the only Upload battler.

This time I left my tripod in my bag due to scouts who were every where around you while bouldering. I’d like to keep my camera in one piece and handed it to my team member Vera Zijlstra. She kept the scouts away with her magic wand and made sure I could land safe after my attempt. Mission complete and thanks to her great camera work, I can share you my latest video.

België St. Niklaas Upload problems: Check!

Ties recording Marijn’s action on tape.

Video: Marijn in action.

Video: Men’s boulder #1 Esperanza

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