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The past few weekends I have been visiting Berdorf, which is my favourite forest. I always enjoy nature, especially when it comes down to climbing on sandstone.

I remember the first time I set foot in Berdorf with some climbing friends from Nijmegen. In April 2007 I climbed my first 7c Scramasax in sector Isatis and I was aiming for more beautiful gems.

Sector Takla Makan


Since my first visit I came back to this area many times to repeat the same fun routes. 7 years later my focus changed. Instead of climbing just the popular and the hardest routes in this area, my wish is to climb all the routes within my reach.


According to the 2nd edition of the topoguide Berdorf counts 16 sectors and a special chapter with combinations of lines. Last weekend I managed to finish 2 sectors by climbing the easy routes. So far I finished the sectors Gentiane, Bleausard, Scheffelchen and Takla Makan. Some of the sectors are nearly finished because I only have to climb 1 more route and some of the sectors are unclimbed and still new to me.

Sitta, Saka, Contact

The total sum of routes which are ticked off in my topoguide comes down to 90. My most recent sends can be found here. I’m proud of this number and I can’t wait to climb more outdoor routes in this beautiful forest!

Hey climbers!

I have an announcement I want to share with you. As of yesterday I have a new sponsor for which I’m very grateful: Petzl!

So I will say goodbye to my old harness and will hang in my new, bright orange Sitta as of today.

If you are familiar with Petzl, you know that they make more than just harnesses. It’s a French company and they make headlamps, helmets, belay devices, ropes, carabiners, crashpads, ice axes and much more. Check out their website Petzl – access the inaccessible, where a lot of technical information can be found about the material, often with clear instruction videos and pictures.

Petzl support means a motivation boost to me and a new chapter in my climbing career. I am excited to see what the future has to offer with the support of Petzl!


Hello climbers!

Saturday 28th of november the Lotto NC Lead 2015 will be hosted at De Klimmuur Centraal in Amsterdam. Check out on this website who will fight for the Dutch Champion title and buy your tickets for €10, in the webshop. [Text and source:] Unfortunately the tickets are sold out…


The poll results shows that I have the most supporters. I feel honoured for that. I will have oodles of fun tomorrow, that’s for sure πŸ˜‰ Can’t make it to Amsterdam? No problem, you can check the livestream at home!

Click here for the startlist.
Dinner will start from 5.30 PM voor €7,50-.
Women will start from 7.00 PM.
Men will start from 8.15 PM.
Price ceremony will start approximately from 10.00 PM.

I think I will be climbing at 8.30 PM! I’m looking forward to it and you? Enjoy watching the livestream and please cheer for me because I think I will need it πŸ˜€ See you tomorrow πŸ™‚

Livestream lead nationals 2015


Foto: Truong tijdens het NK in 2014

New year 2015 and I’m happy to announce that La Sportiva is my new sponsor! Wuuhuuuu, I’m so happy!! πŸ˜€

Today I picked up a parcel at the post office. And I will share you what’s inside the parcel.


I will introduce you to these lovely Futura Blue climbing shoes! I’ll give you a short review.


What’s your opinion about the design?
I just unboxed it and these shoes really has a sick design! As you can see, the colours are blue, yellow and black. Perfect colour design if you ask me. This model is toedown and pretty narrow. I’m not sure about toehooks, I haven’t tested it yet. However on top of the shoe there is some rubber at the big toe side. The heel is hard and on the side it’s soft because of the leather. Therefore you’ll be more aware of the heel placement on the surface. My heel fits really nice in this shoe. There is almost no dead space in the entire shoe for me, which I think is really important when you want to get the most out of it!

Will the rubber stretch?
To be honest, I’m not sure how much the rubber will stretch as I still have to break it in.


Are the sizes the same for all models?
My regular shoe size (Vans) is 41. For this model I wear size 37.5, the smallest model I could fit. I know this model is comparable with the Testarossa: 37.5, whereas the Solution differs one whole size up to 38.5 and on the contrary Python fits me size 37. The models are different and the sizes too. I suggest you to fit all sizes and see which one fits you best.


What are the down sides of this model?
Well, considering the rubber is quite flexible, I think it could wear down fast if your foot placement isn’t accurate. The price (+/- 126 euro) is a tad high however you’ll be purchasing 100% quality.

Futura Blue in a nutshell:
You could use these shoes for sportsclimbing and bouldering. The material is made of calfskin. The sole is Vibram XS Grip 2 (3 mm) with LaspoFlex midsole which means you can really bend the middle part of the shoe. The edges are PD 75, and highly asymmetrical. It has a strong pre-tensioning and a fast lacing systym, similar to the Solution model. The weight of the shoes per pair in medium size is 450 g. This model is available between 32-46. Extra is the pull on aid and the all round rubber protection.


Well as of now, you’ll see me climbing on La Sportiva shoes! A big thanks to Summit Outdoor!! In the future I will post more reviews about different models.

Have fun climbing πŸ˜€

A month ago I received new climbing shoes on request from Boreal.

Last year I saw a video of Yuji Hirayama testing new Boreal shoes: Kintaro model. I was so surprised and didn’t believe that the shoes had such sticky rubber. Back then I wrote a post about it and it included a video.

I’m going to review these shoes as I’ve been testing it for a month or so. Usually I review the shoes when I receive them but now I know what it feels like.

First of all, I want to give my special thanks to Boreal for supporting me in my sports career. I have been receiving unlimited climbing shoes and I like to talk about it.

In my opinion the unboxing part is always exciting. It makes me happy!

The shoes are wrapped in plastic and it smells like -guess what- rubber. This model is a down turned shoe as you can see. Furthermore, the colours are wicked and easy to wear with the velcro straps. The design looks nice, so I rate it an 8 out of 10 because it’s quite an eye catcher.

How do I experience the shoe? It fits me well, however the sole of the shoe seems a tad thick. I still have a thick sole today and I climbed quite often with these shoes. The heel fits me better than the Boreal Falcon model. I also like the fact that the heel looks normal, no additional rubber on the back of the heel. With a month of experience I can tell you that the heel hook feels great. The toe hook is okay, not bad yet great. The shoe feels a bit small, but I guess it’s just a matter of getting used to new shoes.

When we talk about the Zenith rubber, it’s really sticky in the beginning. The video with Yuji is real because I’ve tested it myself. The shoes really do stick from tip to tip. It only works when the shoes are new or really clean. I can stick everything on it. Click here to find out more about Zenith rubber.

Anyway, the Kintaro model is a great additional model to the Boreal collection. The sole is a bit thick but the design, rubber and my experience of wearing these shoes are great. I’ve come to the conclusion that this model deserves a 8 out of then overall score. Pretty amazing right!

New models from Boreal! Check out this video.

Video: Yuji Hirayama demonstrates Boreal rubber

Hopefully I can get my hands on these awesome shoes soon. I’ll keep you up to date!

For any inquiries, click here to send me an e-mail.