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Thursday afternoon Jort Veen, one of my sponsors, and I left The Netherlands to visit Italy. We felt like having a short holiday. It was only a matter of realising our plans.

Jort checking up on the tyres

Jort is pumping each tyre

Next day we were tired of all that driving. The weather was good, it was 29 degrees Celcius. What do you do when it’s so hot? Seek water of course. We went to this nice lake Lago di Cavedine to relax at the water.


Temperature: 29 degrees, water: 15 degrees

It was so quiet. So cool, we definitely had a good time.



Super weather

My feet in the water

Later on we went to visit Arco for nice pizza’s and icecreams. We bought icecreams at several places, however only one can be the best. Tarifa Gelateria definitely sells the best icecream. Marco, thank you for the free icecream. I enjoyed it a lot!

Truong & Marco Gelato

Furthermore I climbed very little. I think I climbed 8 routes, divided over 4 days.

Random finding some rocks

Val Lomasone, click on this photo for a bigger view

Awesome butterflies

Nice stack of stones

Butterflies digg Boreal


We ran into lots of cyclists in Italy. We even got blocked by the organisation when we were on our way to a lake. Well, we had a nice time supporting them to kill our time.

Supporting cyclists

Supporting cyclists!


Obviously as you can see I climbed very little and don’t even have a climbing picture. This time I just felt like a mini holiday at Italy. It was unforgettable. Jort, thank you for the nice time.

Lately I have been busy with team training, climbing at different climbing gyms, work and other hobbies. My schedule seems quite busy. I noticed that I haven’t been climbing outdoors much this year. It’s time to change that fact.

My journey is already planned on this map. I just need to make it happen!

On my way to Arco, Italy

Sunday evening I received a few text messages from Paul.

P: Hey Truong, feel like going to Freyr tomorrow?
T: Hey Paul! Yes that seems nice! What time are you leaving?
P: About 10 o’clock or half past 10 at Maastricht. Is that ok to you?
T: Ok, I’ll be there and text you later when I catch the train.
P: Okay, we’ll be there. Cool!

When I shared my plans with coach Wally, I was good to go. I packed my bags, took a shower, slept and got up early again. My gear was ready to rock’n roll.

In the morning I wasn’t fully recovered from my Sunday training session with Vera Zijlstra at Monk. My mind was totally set to outdoor climbing. It was my first time to climb outdoors again this year. While I’m in my train on the way to Maastricht, I can only think of nice memories from last year.

At Maastricht Paul Lahaye, Isolde Toet and Marieke Broertjes are waiting for me in front of the station. I enter the car while all of them are distracted by a climber with a helmet who passed by the car. Paul is racing to Freyr and within an hour we are able to enjoy a nice cup of coffee and some tea at Chamonix restaurant.

After our drink, we went to the rocks. The weather conditions were good, 6 or 7 degrees. When Paul and I walked into the woods, Isolde and Marieke decided to visit a different area to climb some rocks. Our track was a huge mud track. Fortunately I was well prepared and left my Nike sneakers at home.

Followed by 2 warm up routes Paul wanted to explore Tabula Rasa, 8a. Paul managed to set the quickdraws by a route next to this line. I climbed first, it was a nice way to test my onsight level. The movements are nice but at some height I wasn’t able to climb further. I saw mini holds without any food holds. The route appeared to be Jolie Promenade, 8b instead of Tabula Rasa. It wasn’t our intention to explore this route so we reset the quickdraws.

My second attempt to explore Tabula Rasa went fine until I felt the crux. I was empty and let Paul explore this route. Paul managed well, he climbed too much in Spain lately and he had to get used to Belgium rocks. Isolde and Marieke joined us and encouraged Paul in his route. Again we made a mistake, the route splits up to left and right. Paul picked the wrong end and ended up exploring Esperanza, 8b+. Later a local explained which line belongs to which routes.

I felt like some food after climbing some vertical routes. We had dinner at Chamonix restaurant. We caught up and in the evening we drove back to The Netherlands. Hopefully next time we will be able to climb the correct route.

This morning I heard some gong while I was sleeping. What is that sound? It appeared to be Capsle’s wake up alarm from his iphone. Then we both smelled an unpleasant smell from the hallway. It turned out to be cat food meant for our housecat Henny.

Yes, we have a black housecat that sleeps most of the time or perhaps it might be super active at night.

Quickly I get up and walk to the kitchen and fix some breakfast. We have muesli and yoghurt in stock. I complete my breakfast with a few toasts. After my breakfast I stuff my bag because we plan to climb outdoors. Today we are heading off to Stanage!

On the way to the rocks, Fred is driving like a maniac but controlled through small roads. I am sitting between Michiel and Nicky and get squeezed every time we are taking a sharp bend. How nice. Finally we arrived at Stanage. It’s only a 10 minute walk to the rocks.

I have decided to take it easy for today and borrow Capsle’s reflex camera to shoot some photo’s. The rest is warming up on this awesome rock.

Wearing our technical clothes it was really nice to boulder. Ned and Jason held us company and showed us some nice problems. I am shooting photo’s and it’s fantastic weather.

However I am getting curious about the rocks and put on my climbing shoes to experience the rocks. My fingers felt cold yet I try to climb upon this awesome rock. We are moving along to check out other boulder rocks. We were heading to Brad Pitt and Michiel is the first one who is exploring this problem. Fred and Capsle are giving a go as well. It is difficult but they manage to get higher.

Wouter and I also put on our climbing shoes again. I am trying this start but I notice that I am not feeling this problem. We figured that it was really important how to put your heel of your foot on the hold. After a few attempts Capsle managed to send the boulder. Wally, Fred and Michiel also succeeded in sending this boulder.

I was checking out other rock problems. I saw a bunch of people and joined them. Capsle, Fred and some Austrian people were working out The Storm. I decided to join and we were all convinced that we could send this boulder problem. It was fun to work out but also cold.

Next we went to look for another boulder rock. We went back to our cars and drove 1 km and got out again. It was the best solution cause we only had to walk 10 minutes again to find this new boulder rock. I noticed that this boulder rock wasn’t friendly to short people. I am not fond of dyno’s if I can’t reach the top, so I decided to take some photo’s.

At home I ate some more yoghurt with muesli. After that I took a hot shower to freshen up and went to the kitchen. We were going to fix dinner today. Channah fixed the meat, Vera and I were preparing vegetables.

Eventually we fixed lasagna and salad for everyone. We had a nice dish and during dinner Marjolein explained us what happens with our muscular tissue when we are climbing. It was good to know how our muscular tissue works.

In the evening we had another wise meeting by our coach Wally about heartmath. Heartmath could reduce our stress level. Many top sporters use this system to control their energy and emotional balance. I have tested it myself, more green means better control about stress and below is my result.

Most of us needed a rest day after such an intensive competition. Sunday felt like a typical rest day.

In the morning we had breakfast together. Wouter, Vera, Nicky and Channah did some grocery shopping at the local supermarket. Casper fixed us scrumbled eggs with bacon. Delicious breakfast!

After breakfast we hit the roads for 20 minutes. We went to Burbage South to explore some rocks.

It was good to be outdoors. We took a nice walk between the rocks while the sun was shining.

Together with Ferdinand, Casper, Michiel and Nicky, we went home. Some of us grabbed their books and started to study while having a nice cup of coffee. I had nothing to do and felt like writing an update for my webpage.

In the evening chef Wally and sous-chef Vera prepared pasta for dinner. For the first time We were having dinner in the knight room. It was a cozy dinner with a nice atmosphere.

After dinner we were talking about our program for the rest of the week. Hopefully the sun will shine because we really want to feel some rocks!


A family car had parked in front of my door at half past ten. It was Ulf Lennertz, Ivanka Pufkus and Elko Schellingerhout. Together we went to Berdorf at Luxembourg to climb outdoors for 2 days.

We arrived about half past two at Berdorf and started walking towards the rocks. Ulf and I managed to send Tribut Croquettes 7c+ in our third attempt. Elko sent Voleur de Spits 7a/b and Ivanka had to get used to the rocks outdoors. Soon it was getting dark and we ended our day by visiting a pizzeria for dinner at Echternach.

The second day it was less cold. It was easier to warm up my fingers. After the warm up Ulf and I were working out Undercover Angel 7c. The sequence was nice and I managed to send the route in my attempt. It was somewhat more difficult for Ulf and he needed more attempts. Unfortunately he got too tired and decided to quit. Elko didn’t feel so good about his fingers and spent some time with a Nintendo DS.

Meanwhile it was half past four. We went back to our car, packed our stuff and returned to The Netherlands. We had fun climbing outdoors for 2 days. It was nice to visit Berdorf again!

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