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Hello climbers! It has been a while that I have written a story on my blog. I have to admit it is easier to share a photo via Instagram at times. Anyway, I posted some photos of Verdon a while ago and I would like to share my story with you!

My goal of the trip was to climb a lot in a new area. I wanted to do some multipitching and combine it with some sport climbing. My first multipitch experience was far away in Marocco. This time I was looking for a destination somewhat closer to home. We chose for the Verdon in south-France because I haven’t been there yet. I wanted to climb with my French climbing buddies Jérôme and Etienne. They have been climbing there before and could guide me in this area. For me it was the perfect time to meet and check out a new area like the Verdon. From Eindhoven I flew with my packed luggage (20 KG filled with material) and rucksack towards Marseille and got picked up by Jérôme at the airport.

Goodmorning! Selfie Sunday 😁📷 on my way to the 🛫⛰️🌄🌞 #climbing_is_my_passion

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From the point of view of Marseille the village La Palud sur Verdon was faced in the northeast direction. It was a 2 hour drive from the airport to the village. We didn’t even arrive yet and I already wanted to take some photos of the view. I could stare for hours to the water. When we arrived the view was just breathtaking!

For our accommodation we selected a bungalow where we could fit in with 4 climbers. When we arrived at the campsite, Etienne just received the keys for the bungalow. It was a perfect timing to check it out. The bungalow was quite simple containing a kitchen, dining area, bathroom and 2 rooms with a view on the landscape. It was a super cozy bungalow with everything we could ask for.

After we had settled down from the travelling we were going to check out a sports climbing area: sector Pantin du Néant. It was 20 minutes away by car. We parked the car in the forest and walked about 15 minutes. The last part of the approach was some klettersteig traverse. This climbing area is not well known yet.

On the internet you can find a topo guide from Pantin du Néant, however it is not yet the final version (source: Charlotte Durif)
There is a nice overview on Bonoway.
Click here to download the provisional topo guide. Furthermore I have the exact coordinates to find your way to the crag: Latitude: 43° 44′ 6″ N, Longitude: 6° 21′ 20″ E
And the coordinated to park your car: Latitude: 43° 44′ 1″ N, Longitude: 6° 21′ 9″ E

The view was amazing. The huge gorge was 200 meter deep, this is part of a regional nature park of the Verdon, which has a size of 180.000 hectare. Between the gorge there is a riverbed of 25 km. Realizing these facts and looking at the rocks I felt quite small.

After a warm up in a 7A+ route we worked out a 8A+ route, De l’o2 dans le gaz. This route, also known as the king line of the area, started from a plateau which was 200m high from the ground. The route had multiple cruxes of which the last crux was just 5 meters before the anchor. The climbing was really cool, especially the view when you come down from the top. You’re looking straight into the void, that was pretty cool. 😀

The 2nd day we went to the sector La Ramirole. The approach was a bit longer and also a bit more challenging. I had to prepare myself with a harness and gloves to rappel down some parts. I enjoyed the approach and I was distracted by the surroundings.

The nature is beautiful. We were surrounded by trees and once we exited the forest, we were facing massive rocks. This area is perfect for some sports climbing and climbing multipitches. We started with a 6C route. The rocks felt pretty raw. After this route we picked a vertical 8A in sector 3: La guerre des paires. The crux of the route was somewhat morpho for my length, however it resulted into some great photos during the climb.

That same evening another climber joined us, a climbing buddy from Etienne, his name was Baptiste. He was well introduced: the one arm pullup guy. He was a strong dude, he could prove that the following days. For the next day we picked a multipitch: Take it or leave it, from the well-known Patrick Edlinger. It is a vertical 8A and it was 120 meter containing 4 pitches starting with a 7C, 7A+, 7C and ending with a 8A.

To climb this route, we had to rappel down. In my opinion this was quite special. We prepared ourselves, put our harnesses on, rappelled down to the middle of the route for the first stop. From here we rappelled down again to the ground. Our rope was too short, hence 2 times rappelling down. All of the pitches I climbed was on lead. The last pitch took me the most effort. It started with a super cool mantle where you had to place your foot next to your ear to mantle your way up. Then there was a traverse to the right on 2 mono pockets. Eventually I had 2 bad pockets which was spread so far from eachother I could barely fit in between with my arms. With my face almost pressed against the wall, I smeared my feet on friction and had to launch myself for a dyno move. I had to commit for this move, otherwise I couldn’t make it. Unfortunately I couldn’t climb the last pitch in 1 attempt. For Etienne it was a dream come true, he managed to flash this last pitch thanks to our support.

In the photo above, I was belaying Baptiste who just launched himself for the dyno move. Once we got to the summit, we could finally celebrate our team send. It was a successful day where we could take down this awesome multipitch!

On our 4th day we went back to the sector Pantin du Néant. It was more or less meant as an active rest day. Etienne sent the 8A+ route in his first attempt, this was the route we worked out on the first day. I could join the send train and climbed 2 routes: a 7A+ for warmup and the same 8A+ route, de l’o2 dans le gaz in my first attempt. Baptiste also climbed this route and another classic 8A, Pantin du Néant.

I almost managed to flash this route. I could make all the moves and I really wanted to send this line, therefore I saved my energy and save this route for the next time.

The 5th day we went climbing early. We picked an easy multipitch which was quite adventurous. The name of the multipitch was: Alix punk de vergons, a 7B+ multipitch which was 300 meters long containing 10 pitches: 5C, 7A+, 6C+, 7A+, 7B, 6C+, 6C+, 7B, 6C and 7A. It took quite some preparation. We brought a double rope 2×50 meter with us, harness, lifeline, helmet, reverso, some carabiners, micro traxion, gloves, prusikrope, Petzl lightweight draws, comfortable La Sportiva climbing shoes, some Clif bars and water.

The goal was to climb the full multipitch in the shadow. I learned a lot from my multipitch experience but I wasn’t fast enough to keep up with the rest. My rope technique has improved a bit during the climb. Jérôme and I took a break of 10 minutes to digest a Clif bar and drank some water. I was the slowest climber of all, climbed the last 2 pitches in the sun and made it to the summit in 4 hours.

F.l.t.r.: Truong, Baptiste, Jérôme, Etienne. The photo was taken right after we got back from the multipitch. On the background you can see the 300 meter wall which was now facing the sun. 3 days climbing trip was over for Baptiste and he went back home. Tired but still going strong we went back home as well and celebrated our climb with a delicious pizza in the sun. It was another victorious day!

On the 6th day Jérôme, Etienne and I went back to the sector Pantin du Néant. The approach went quick. My focus was to climb super-efficient after all these days. My warm up and also cooling down was the 8A route which I last time didn’t finish. Fortunately I could send the route on my first attempt. Etienne worked out a 8B and managed to send it the same day!

We had climbed plenty routes to celebrate the day. We treated ourselves on a beer and a 3 dish menu in a restaurant. Our week was awesome!

The 7th day we went back to the same sector Pantin du Néant. I had no expectations of this day. Etienne suggested me to try this 8B route, Bébert, les couilles en fer. I worked out all the moves and found 4 kneebar positions.

On my 1st attempt my heelhook zipped away from the biggest jug of the route. It was such a pity to stand on the ground again. After a good break with some baguette and cheese I focused myself on the route again. It became darker as the end of the day was approaching. I was super motivated to commit for the route. I started my climb and enjoyed the moves and swung from one hold to another. I knew I could make all the moves and I knew I could send it, but it was time to prove it. In Neoliet I was training for moments like these, to give everything even when you’re tired. Against all my expectations I passed all cruxes of the route, it finally came down to the last few meters. I had to commit all the moves and finally I reached the chain! Yes!! 😀 😀 I was so happy I could take down this route and finish my 7 day push.

On day 8 Jérôme drove me back to the airport and I flew back to Eindhoven. To cut a long story short, I enjoyed all climbing days. I love the Verdon because it is beautiful and it is perfect to climb during these summer months. I would like to return here every year to climb more routes. My week in the Verdon was a major success thanks to Jérôme and Etienne!

My goal has been achieved, because I could climb a lot of routes.

I hope you enjoyed reading my story and experience. If you want to multipitch, the Verdon is definitely worth to check it out!

The past few weekends I have been visiting Berdorf, which is my favourite forest. I always enjoy nature, especially when it comes down to climbing on sandstone.

I remember the first time I set foot in Berdorf with some climbing friends from Nijmegen. In April 2007 I climbed my first 7c Scramasax in sector Isatis and I was aiming for more beautiful gems.

Sector Takla Makan


Since my first visit I came back to this area many times to repeat the same fun routes. 7 years later my focus changed. Instead of climbing just the popular and the hardest routes in this area, my wish is to climb all the routes within my reach.


According to the 2nd edition of the topoguide Berdorf counts 16 sectors and a special chapter with combinations of lines. Last weekend I managed to finish 2 sectors by climbing the easy routes. So far I finished the sectors Gentiane, Bleausard, Scheffelchen and Takla Makan. Some of the sectors are nearly finished because I only have to climb 1 more route and some of the sectors are unclimbed and still new to me.

Sitta, Saka, Contact

The total sum of routes which are ticked off in my topoguide comes down to 90. My most recent sends can be found here. I’m proud of this number and I can’t wait to climb more outdoor routes in this beautiful forest!

At the end of last year I went to Turkey for some awesome tufa climbing. My Instagram followers have already seen some pictures of this trip, but here is the full story, including even more pictures.

The weather in GeyikBayiri was perfect. Clear blue skies and not a single drop of rain!





Together with my friend Jérôme I shared a bungalow on the camping Climbers Garden. Daniel, Jurgen and Sven, friends with whom I climbed here 2 years ago, stayed at campsite Josito. Click here to check the post from back then.


Goodmorning! Can't wait to enjoy this fruit muesli 😊 #climbersgarden photocredits: 📷 @jvercout

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During this trip we went many times to Çitdibi where we enjoyed long tufas in perfect conditions. The first day was still a little bit chilly, but luckily this also resulted in very good friction on the rock.












During the trip I kept a list of all the routes I climbed in these 2 weeks time. I am very proud of all the routes I topped.





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Besides all the climbing I have also made a beautiful hike together with Jeroen Kuipers.







He nowadays lives in GeyikBayiri and works for Climbers Garden, which has expanded with some luxury accommodations: The Land.




Jeroen shared interesting facts about the history of Trebenna and showed us some remains of this former village. Very impressive to see these artifacts exposed to the elements instead of preserved in a museum.




Besides visiting Trebenna I had another rest day in Antalya.








And one of the last days I was invited to the wedding ceremony of Tobias and Duygu. It was really nice to be present at their wedding.


Smiles for life! #josito

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From the Netherlands I again congratulate you guys very much and I hope that you will climb many hard routes together in the future!

On my last day I climbed with Duygu in Alabalik. Together we worked in the route Neptulania. Luckily I was able to send this route in my third attempt. This was a really nice end to my climbing holiday.





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All the other routes I topped during my stay can be found in my tick list. I didn’t climb super hard routes, nevertheless I ended up with really nice memories and had good times with my climbing buddies!

Merhaba climbers! I’m back on Dutch soil! It’s nearly Christmas time and I’d like to share my holiday story with you.

2 days after the national competition I entered the airplane at Schiphol. I was hoping for some sunny weather during winter. It was an escape from cold Netherlands. I was thinking of Spain or Greece or Turkey. I picked the latter 😀 and I think it was a good decision.


Photo: Geyik Bayiri – Sarkit

Nowadays you’ll need to register for a visa in advance. You can do that online here.

From Schiphol I flew to Istanbul and from there to Antalya. A flight from Amsterdam to Istanbul takes about 3 hours. From Istanbul to Antalya is just 1,5 hour. In Turkey I went to Geyik Bayiri, which is a familiar climbing spot 30 minutes away from Antalya. Many campsites offer a pickup service from the airport, which was quite convenient. You can arrange that in advance by contacting the campsite. I visited this place for a few weeks and was really looking forward to it!

The first day was a rainy and cold day when I arrived in Geyik Bayiri. It was my first restday. Speaking of restdays, I stayed 22 days and had 4 real rest days 😀

During my climbing days, I visited several crags in Geyik Bayiri: Sarkit, Trebenna, Dragon and Mevlana. When you stay in Geyik Bayiri, you won’t need a car. Within 20 minutes by foot you can visit these areas. For sunny hot days I’d recommend Trebenna. On cloudy/mid sunny days it’s good to visit Sarkit / Dragon. When it rains you can still climb in Mevlana. This area will stay dry for a long while. I also visited a new area Çidtibi and some local climbing areas which aren’t in the topo guide. For these area’s you’ll need a car and some motivated (+local) climbers.

I met some new climber friends in Jo.Si.To Guesthouse Camp. It’s the basecamp where I stayed for 3 weeks and where many Germans, Americans, Swiss and Dutch climbers met.


Photo: Impression Jo.Si.To

Compared to Climbers Garden, which is 10 minutes further down the road, Jo.Si.To is ran by German expats and has nice hot showers and good value meals are served, whereas Climbers Garden has Dutch owners and has a slightly better wifi, warm common kitchen and a really good restaurant where the steak is superb. I ran into Jeroen Kuipers at Climbers Garden, it was good to catch up with you again!


Anyway, I will stop comparing campsites and continue about my climbing adventures! During winter I was looking forward to climb in the sun. In advance I was checking the weather and it was between 10 – 15 degrees. I’m not fond of climbing when it’s too cold and can’t feel my fingers though. However, when it’s between 10 – 15 degrees in Turkey and the sun is shining, the conditions are perfect. In my opinion, 12 degrees + sun / cloudy is perfect to climb in a t-shirt! In the evening when the sun is gone, it can cool down fast.

I was super motivated and climbed 4 sometimes 5 days in a row before I had a real rest day. I used some active rest days as well, which means that I just visited Mevlana or Sarkit and climbed just 1 or 2 routes.


Photo: Packing for a restday – Climbing Technology

It’s quite funny when you wake up in the morning. Most of the climbers won’t say:

heey goodmorning

but instead they’ll ask you:

Heey are you climbing today? Where will you go today?

During a real rest day, I visited a local market to do some groceries (Sunday).




It is easy to hitchhike towards the local market. I got picked up by a lorry driver and a Turkish lady dropped me off at the campsite. It’s also nice to have some tea and ekmek (bread) there.

Every now and then it was also pouring rain, which means no one is able to climb.


Photo: Weather forecast with a lot of rain in one week 🙁

Obliged rest day. All the rocks are so wet, it’s ridiculous to see waterfalls on the rocks.



Photo: My yellow tent kept me dry


Photo: Rental tent enjoyed the swimming pool

Even the campsite are flooded, there are rocks on the roads everywhere and the roads are sometimes over flooded. On such a rainy day, it’s nice to go to Antalya by car and visit a cinema 🙂


Photo: Ordinary mall in Antalya


Photo: Turkish delights


Photo: Dinner out at Alabalik restaurant

Some extra information: A power failure can always happen in Geyik Bayiri, always bring a headlight with you. Antalya doesn’t have much climbing materials for sale or a climbing shop. It’s good to know this in advance so bring enough chalk with you.

At Jo.Si.To I met some climbers who were really nice. Daniel Schmid, Jürgen Bormann and Sven Albinus. It’s good to climb with Daniel, because he has the same height and therefore we could work together in same routes. Jürgen is one of the bolters in Geyik and knows a lot about the areas. Sven is nice and really fond of Mammut. I climbed with them most of the time and had oodles of fun together.


We also met Tobias Haug (camp owner) and Duygu Yarsar – insanely strong and technical climbers – who took us to Çidtibi.


Photo: Tobias & Duygu

When Tobias is behind the steering wheel, he can be a rally coureur 😉 you’ll be sitting on the edge of your seat all the time. Çidtibi is about 20 minutes driving and has an altitude of 1000 meters. This world class crag is amazing! When it rains in Geyik Bayiri, it’s possible to climb in Çidtibi. It can be cold during winter, but nevertheless the climbing is so cool! The wall in the Canyon seems endless, super overhanging and contains a lot of perfect tufas. As some Germans say, these routes needs some ‘traffic’. It’s so new and feels like breadcrumbs which makes it nice for onsight climbing. Tobias has bolted a few lines there since 2002.






Photo: Çidtibi – Having fun in the Canyon


Photo: Çidtibi – Madame Bleue – 8a+


Photo: Çidtibi – Madame Bleue – 8a+


Photo: Çidtibi – Je suis cuite – 8a+




I didn’t climb so many times as I wanted in Çidtibi. At some time it started to pour rain, that everything in Geyik Bayiri was impossible to climb. Even Çidtibi was all wet except for a few routes near the cave.

I also visited a super big cave on 1000 meters altitude. This cave isn’t mentioned in the new topoguide. It’s not easy to access, because you’ll need a car and hike up for 1 hour.







Photo: Mega cave


Photo: Panorama view from the cave


Tobias recommended me a route which was in the cave. He bolted this line and it’s called Aaron – 8C, named after his son and such a steep line. I figured out the sequence and was able to make all the 60 moves until the end.


Photo: Workout in Aaron – 8C

All I had to do is to link it together and hope it would stay dry for the next few days. Unfortunately the rain messed up my plan 🙁 and I’ll have to save this sweet line for my next climbing trip…



After seeing and working in such a cool route I didn’t want to pick any other hard projects. So the rest of the time I enjoyed climbing around Geyik Bayiri since these 2 spots were wet. Probably next year it will be dry again. I do have to mention that the grades in general are quite easy graded, which feels good though. In my opinion, all the routes that I climbed up to 8a are a bit under graded. Perhaps I just love the 3D climbing style, which makes it a bit easier for me. Anyway, if you’re interested in my climbs, click here.


Photo: View from Mevlana


Photo: Restday in Mevlana

Saturday december 13th when Daniel, Jurgen and Sven left, I felt a bit upset. I climbed in Sarkit that day when it was nice and sunny. I had to find new belaying buddies.

A little highlight of the holiday I’d like to share with you is Donkey Jump. Duygu introduced me to this local crag Eşek Uçtu (Donkey Jump) which also isn’t in the topoguide. It’s like a 7 minutes drive from Jo.Si.To but still you’ll need a car though.


Photo: Impression of Eşek Uçtu

In the morning the sun is warming up the wall, after 12 o’clock noon the wall will be in the shadow and it can become quite cold. The last 4 days I spent my time there and she showed me this line called Enjoy the Silence. This line contained every style. Starting on a vertical wall, roof climbing, overhang, sidepulls, knee bars, crimps, pocket and so on – in my opinion a steady 8B of 35 meters, it has more hard moves than Over The Top.

As my holiday came to an end I was getting pretty close on climbing this line. The day before I left Turkey, 4th climbing day in a row, I barely had skin left on my fingers. Unfortunately I couldn’t climb it and cleaned some quickdraws at the top. I knew I could climb this route, I just needed a good rest. I should come back well rested for this. That evening I went to Climbers Garden with Geiske and Will for a nice steak. We celebrated the end of the climbing holiday. During dinner Geiske suggested me to go climb in the morning and I should give it another try. I have nothing to lose. Why not? Well, because I don’t have a car and the next morning I should pack and leave to the airport at 11.00. But then again, why not??

After dinner I ran back to Jo.Si.To and asked Tobias and Duygu a favour.

Do you have plans the next morning, if not, would you please like to belay me one more time in Enjoy the Silence?

Duygu thought I was making a joke.

Come on, it’ll be your 5th climbing day in a row. Are you serious?

I nodded my head and said yes I’m serious. Tobias will have to work and it was all up to Duygu. She asked me 5 minutes to think it over and then walked to me.

Okay tomorrow morning you’ll be ready at 8.30 AM. 1 condition: promise me that you’ll climb the route.

My answer:

Yes of course! I will promise you that 😀

I was so happy and started to pack some luggage in advance.

The next morning I was up early to pack my tent and my luggage. During breakfast I started to wear my harness to save some time. At 8.45 AM Duygu showed up and we drove off to the rocks. The weather was 10 degrees. It was a bit humid and cloudy. I set my alarm to 10.30 to get back to Jo.Si.To.

I warmed up in Game of Thrones, until I got cold fingers and feet and felt a bit pumpy. Then the sun started to shine a little bit on the rocks. It kind of felt like a competition, climbing early in the morning. And then I looked at the route one more time, took some quickdraws with me to set the end of the route. Duygu played some music: Daft Punk – Lose yourself to Dance, while belaying me.

I started my climb, felt super and passed all the cruxes super solid. I nearly finished the route and knew I would send it and then suddenly a hold broke off! It was a tiny flake which was quite essential to climb the end of the route. I crimped this flake and now it was gone. I fell after 30 meters and couldn’t believe this. WHY?? I was so pissed! I’m so sorry for breaking off this hold though! I went back in the route to find another solution, instead of this flake, there was a super small crimp. It should be possible to use this mini crimp!

When I came down on the ground, it was 10.00 o’clock. Duygu said it was a super good run and thought I would send it. She looked on her phone and said I still have some time left…
I rested for 15 minutes and knew this would be my last climb of the holiday. Time was ticking. I knew I could climb all the cruxes. I felt super excited and really wanted to send it. I was ready to climb one more time. Music on: Daft Punk – Get Lucky. Everything went solid again, I enjoyed the view over Antalya as I was resting in my final attempt.


Photo: View from Eşek Uçtu over Antalya

I told her I will be fast so we still have some time for a coffee at Jo.Si.To. I used Tobias’ and Duygu’s beta for some moves. From toehooks to heelhooks, drop knees, and knee bars. I was running in the crux and was a bit nervous about the small crimp. I kept my head cool and sent the route just on time! I will never forget this experience. It was 10.29 when I clipped the anchor and Enjoyed the Silence!!


Photo: Just Enjoyed the Silence – 8b

I was so happy 😀 ! It was the perfect time and place to be and such a nice end of this holiday. Special thanks to Duygu for supporting me until the end!! We drove back to Jo.Si.To at 10.45 where I changed my clothes, enjoyed a latte macchiato with Duygu and packed my luggage into the bus to the airport. Goodbye Tobias, Duygu and the rest of Jo.Si.To! Thank you for the sweet time together.

Arriving at the airport, I couldn’t believe my holiday passed by so fast. I was also looking forward to my home again. And some rest during Christmas and spend time with family and friends.

Anyway for now, I hope you enjoyed my story and some day I hope you’ll visit Turkey too. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy & healthy 2015! Hopefully next year you’ll climb more than this year, stay motivated and injury free, improve and last but not least enjoy climbing!

2 weeks ago I went climbing at Freyr in Belgium. In my opinion it was one of the hottest weekends of the year!
I was accompanied by Valentina & Arnold and Tanya. I didn’t climb much, but I had a lot of fun being outdoors. It felt like +25 degrees and during the evening our car got attacked by hail as huge as gumballs. We survived it and we’re all doing good for your information.

During this weekend I ran into my friend Paul Lahaye. He forgot his rope and carried his camera with him. It was too hot to climb anyway, so he ran up the rocks and took some photos while I was working in Surplomb Davaille. I still need to come back and send it though!

I’ll be back in cooler conditions.

Last week of May I flew to Treviso with Tanya and Sven. We flew on Saturday and planned a week in Arco.

From Treviso we drove to Arco. It took 2,5 hours to get to our campsite. The weather was nice and sunny however we noticed that there are a lot of local showers especially above our campsite.



Sunday we visited Val d’Agone. The description in the topoguide was quite accurate. I drove towards Sarche > Ponte Arche > Banali > Val d’Agone. I dropped Tanya and Sven near the crag and went to Trento to pick up another friend Anne who I invited to join us in Arco. On my way back our navigation led us to a different place. Nevertheless it took a long while to get back to the crags and called it a day.



The next day we visited Massone. The familiar stories about polished routes came true. I climbed the most polished route of the crag called Pegasus. Warning: Don’t ever climb this route, it’s not fun at all and should be deleted out of the topoguide. Next to this crag on the right, 30 meters further, there are better routes with more overhang. I climbed 5 routes in a row which was awesome!






Tuesday until Friday we visited Nago. This area is quite accessible by car and takes 10 minutes to walk to the crag. There are benches to sit, a big square where the sun shines, easy routes to warm up and hard routes in the shadow! I can’t wish for anything better. When you walk more into the forest, you’ll find walls and routes up to 40 meter! The view is amazing and the routes are lovely.







1 week sounds too short though. I left a project behind which I think I can send under better conditions. The route is called Ghost Rider and is really awesome! I was able to test my new Boreal Satori shoes in this route. These toe down shoes are perfect in the overhang. I just need to link 3 moves together at the beginning of the route. Anyway, I will come back to finish it, hopefully very soon.




I climbed 5 days in a row and felt exhausted but happy at the end of the week.



I had a great time with friends in Arco! See you soon.

For any inquiries, click here to send me an e-mail.