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Last weekend a Regional Mountaineering day was held at Bussum Rocksteady climbing gym.

The climbing federation invited me to show a demonstration for lead climbing on a high level. When I entered the climbing gym it was pretty crowded and there were lots of climbing activities going on.

Boulder workshops, speed climbing, free fall, free fun climbing, mountain biking, drytool and lead climbing demonstration, GPS tour, you name it everything was possible.

Among all the people I ran into spokesperson Joost Hofman, ice climber Marianne van der Steen and former team member Ferdinand Schulte.

Joost Hofman shows off his best side

Marianne van der Steen preparing for her demo

Ferdinand Schulte is observing without blinking

At half past 1 Marianne was showing how to use drytools. She set a challenging route using chunks of trees! It was nice to see how she locks off her arms to reach the next hold with her axes.

Joost at work

Trees are cool

At 2 P.M. it was my turn to perform in front of a crowd. My task was to show how to climb a difficult route. While Joost was introducing me to the crowd I was already busy climbing the route. My mindset was set to climb with precision and focusing on the holds. It took me a few minutes to finish the route and my job was done.

After my route, Joost asked me a few more questions about the national team. Yes, we have 6 boulder members and 4 lead climbers including me. Curious who’s part of the national team? Click here to check the selection!

Ferdinand was leading workshops to teach people how to climb even better. Later on I spotted him climbing with axes too! Unbelievable, it looks so funny yet powerful.

Video: Ferdinand in action

It was nice to be a climbing example to everyone. I’m glad I was part of this Regional Mountaineering day and I hope many kids / people keep on climbing.

By the way, come Saturday I’ll be at Bussum Rocksteady again to join the first boulder competition. Hopefully the sun will keep on shining like last weekend!

Moon 2011 collection has arrived!

Yeah, a box full of organic clothes. I couldn’t wait to open up the box. Everything is wrapped in plastic, it smells great!

You just need to try it yourself to know what it feels like. The prints are awesome, the trousers feels good and I’m up to date with the latest collection. Beware, when I’m climbing around I’ll probably be wearing new Moon clothes.

Jort Veen, thank you for delivering this box to me. Ben Moon, thanks for the nice collection. I can’t wait to start climbing in these clothes!

Last week the NKBV made an announcement about Dutch team members going to Sheffield to join the Climbing Works International Festival competition.

I stayed home in The Netherlands however followed my team members coach Wally, Capsle and Vera very closely. All 3 of them managed to advanced to the semis! Among the strong competitors, only Vera made it to the finals.

CWIF Morning session highlights

Berghaus competition wall

CWIF Finals preview

This event was broadcasted live over the internet! I witnessed the finals in the evening and took some screenshots.

The final results are tweeted before though but I’ll repeat it again here.

Casper ten Sijthoff: 12th
Wouter Jongeneelen: 9th
Vera Zijlstra: 5th

View CWIF results here.

Well done!

During the Mountaineering day I was lucky enough to test the Climbstation. A Climbstation is made in Finland and looks funny. It’s the one and only machine in West-Europe and it’s present at the Mountaineering day and it will stay in The Netherlands.

If you set a new record (in meters) without falling off the machine, you could win a Berghaus rucksack! The current record was 33 meters. My team members told me I should give it a try. I was influenced by group pressure haha however I couldn’t say no to that. I’m too easy to convince when it comes to such games.

I grabbed my climbing shoes and had no expectations. I just wanted to experience what it’s like to climb on this machine. Team member Capsle filmed me while I was climbing.

Video: Truong testing a Climbstation

Eventually after 20 minutes of climbing I gave up. My legs got tired and I managed to set a new record: 256 meters. Perhaps I should start climbing bigwalls like team member Jorx.

My experience: with current settings of this machine, the speed was a tad slow and the holds were too positive. I had to use these holds and the angle of the wall was set to 12 degrees, it was part of the rules to set a new record for the climb intensity test. It would’ve been a nicer challenge if the angle was set to 40 degrees with smaller holds though.

I enjoyed my time on this machine however you’ll get bored after 10 minutes of use unless you’re able to vary between speed, angle and holds. It’s a good way of training your endurance without wearing a harness. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or a professional climber, even if you’re afraid of heights, anyone can climb on this machine!

At the end of the day I won a Berghaus rucksack because I set a new record.

Soon you can win this Berghaus rucksack on my webpage. Oh and by the way, it’s time to throw a digital party because this was video number 100!

Yesterday I had to set my alarm. I’m not used to wake up with an alarm on Sunday. Strum, a nice ringtone on my mobile, was set as alarm and went off under my pillow this morning. It was time to get myself ready for the Mountaineering day.

I packed my bag quickly. I stuffed my harness and climbing shoes in my bag and put on a teamshirt from Berghaus and grabbed a few bananas with me. Yes, it was a simple breakfast.

After 1 hour of travelling I arrived at the venue at Nieuwegein. The Mountaineering day was held in the business center. The parking lot was already parked full with cars. Those people must have woken up very early. It was only half past nine!

Anyway, I entered the climbing gym. It was our meeting place to discuss our strategy for today. One of the announcements, which I like to mention here as well, is that the Worldcup Boulder will be held downtown at Eindhoven this year! That’s great news!

In the morning we gave a short demonstration to a small audience. The NKBV shot some funny bodshots of each team member before we started climbing. When I opened my bag I was missing my chalkbag! I thought I came in prepared. Fortunately it wasn’t a competition however a nice demonstration of the National team. I won’t need a chalkbag to introduce myself I suppose.

After our demonstration it was time for lunch. I could get my lunchbox at the entrance. My lunchbox was filled with 2 small sandwiches with ham, 1 sandwich with cheese and salade, an apple, chocolate bar and milk. Yummy.

Next it was time to explore the climbing fair. I heard a Climbstation was present. I wanted to test it. I saw some pictures and movies on the web before but never witnessed it in real life. I climbed on it and it was quite interesting. Soon I’ll tell you more about it.

Then I figured it was nice to shoot macro photos of the fair.

As you can see, lots of people, lots of technical stuff and climbing material. Books, shoes, everything you want and need was present. I’m always curious when it comes to gadgets. Below you’ll see some nice stuff.

In the afternoon we went back to the climbing gym. We’re going to give another presentation of the National team. This time the climbing gym was more crowded. Coach Wally Jongeneelen introduced us one by one and shared nice background information about us while we’re climbing. I think the people liked it. It was a nice presentation.

I also attended a lecture from team member Jorg Verhoeven. He shared a nice presentation about Brento Centro, a climbing line over 1000 meters at Italy.

My team members and I spent our time at the fair until 17.00 h. I had a nice time at Nieuwegein with my team members and everyone who was present. See you soon again!

I have exciting news for everyone. Although it was already mentioned on the NKBV website, I feel like I should also mention it here. I’ve been selected to be part of the Sports Climbing National Team.

I was approached last year by coach Wouter Jongeneelen about joining the national team. I’ve given this invitation some thought and talked more to Wouter about it. He mentioned I’ve shown a lot of improvement lately and that I’d be able to learn more in a team and improve myself as a climber. So I agreed after that figuring this could be a one-time opportunity. I enjoy climbing routes so I decided to give Lead climbing my best. I’ll still keep on bouldering because I like that as well.

I already started training with the national team but I will soon setup a training schedule with Wouter. I find this all interesting because I never really trained based on a schedule before. This means I will climb more than I did last year and will have a better estimate on when to reach my peak level of performance.

My goal now is to participate in as many competitions as I can and I’m already looking forward to my first lead event.

For any inquiries, click here to send me an e-mail.