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I just returned from Heerlen for NSK Lead ’09 and it was a super weekend! The whole atmosphere of the event was nice, as were the routes and the people.

Saturday’s qualifications went well. I finished the routes together with 5 others. There were 16 men and 12 women who made it to the semis. The semi-finals was on the roof and the finals was built on the main wall with 65(!!) movements for the men’s finals.

All in all, I had a great time. So thanks to the NSK Organisation for organising this great weekend!

Event results:

Men’s Women’s
1. Ingmar Cramers 1. Rachèl Nilwik 2. Enzo Nahumury 2. Ima Nahumury 3. Truong Ngo 3. Danique de Waal Malefijt 4. Jeroen Jeurissen 4. Roelien van de Vrie 5. Roel Aartsen 5. Kim van den Hout 6. Wouter Lancee 6. Ester Frings 7. Thomas van Gurp 8. Arlen Strengers
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