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New year 2015 and I’m happy to announce that La Sportiva is my new sponsor! Wuuhuuuu, I’m so happy!! 😀

Today I picked up a parcel at the post office. And I will share you what’s inside the parcel.


I will introduce you to these lovely Futura Blue climbing shoes! I’ll give you a short review.


What’s your opinion about the design?
I just unboxed it and these shoes really has a sick design! As you can see, the colours are blue, yellow and black. Perfect colour design if you ask me. This model is toedown and pretty narrow. I’m not sure about toehooks, I haven’t tested it yet. However on top of the shoe there is some rubber at the big toe side. The heel is hard and on the side it’s soft because of the leather. Therefore you’ll be more aware of the heel placement on the surface. My heel fits really nice in this shoe. There is almost no dead space in the entire shoe for me, which I think is really important when you want to get the most out of it!

Will the rubber stretch?
To be honest, I’m not sure how much the rubber will stretch as I still have to break it in.


Are the sizes the same for all models?
My regular shoe size (Vans) is 41. For this model I wear size 37.5, the smallest model I could fit. I know this model is comparable with the Testarossa: 37.5, whereas the Solution differs one whole size up to 38.5 and on the contrary Python fits me size 37. The models are different and the sizes too. I suggest you to fit all sizes and see which one fits you best.


What are the down sides of this model?
Well, considering the rubber is quite flexible, I think it could wear down fast if your foot placement isn’t accurate. The price (+/- 126 euro) is a tad high however you’ll be purchasing 100% quality.

Futura Blue in a nutshell:
You could use these shoes for sportsclimbing and bouldering. The material is made of calfskin. The sole is Vibram XS Grip 2 (3 mm) with LaspoFlex midsole which means you can really bend the middle part of the shoe. The edges are PD 75, and highly asymmetrical. It has a strong pre-tensioning and a fast lacing systym, similar to the Solution model. The weight of the shoes per pair in medium size is 450 g. This model is available between 32-46. Extra is the pull on aid and the all round rubber protection.


Well as of now, you’ll see me climbing on La Sportiva shoes! A big thanks to Summit Outdoor!! In the future I will post more reviews about different models.

Have fun climbing 😀

Hey you all! The contest is over and I bet you were waiting for the result too!

Thanks for sending in your answers. I received a lot of mail, which is good.

So to come back to the question:
In which year did La Sportiva launch the Mythos climbingshoes on the market?

Video: La Sportiva Mythos anniversary edition

As you can see from this video, the good answer is 1991. 15 people got it right, unfortunately 2 people sent in wrong answers. It was pretty exciting to pick a winner though. Totally random makes it fun!

The winner of this contest is: Mylou Tijsma. Congratulations with your new La Sportiva boulder chalk bucket! I will send it to you a.s.a.p. 😀

Enjoy your weekend all.

Hello all! I have a surprise for you.


Materials: 50% ripstop nylon, 50% polyester, colour: yellow/black, model: 2013

Do you see this boulder chalk bucket? Obviously you can see it’s from La Sportiva and you can use it for bouldering. I received this new boulder chalk bucket from my sponsor Richard Cremers, who does the import of some climbing brands within The Netherlands, such as La Sportiva, Millet, Outdoor Research and Climbing Technology.

I will give this bucket away! It can be yours very soon. How?

All you have to do is answer the question below:
In which year did La Sportiva launch the Mythos climbingshoes on the market?

It’s a nice give away question. Have fun doing research!

You can send your answer (year) with your name to The winner will be announced here on my webpage on November 23rd and will also be notified via mail. You are only allowed one entry per participant. Prizes will only be posted to a NL address. This contest will run until November 22nd 2013, 23:59h and no data will be given to third parties.

Backstage videos. You gotta love it. Just another comp video for those who haven’t seen it yet :D.

I like to see the best climbers in the world competing vs each other in 1 friendly event. That makes you curious right? Check out this one!

Refresh and hit the play button fast if you don’t want the snowfall to appear in the video (only for Flash users).

Video: La Sportiva Legends Only

Music: Jean Charles Lombard – Balkanic Marinba
Awesome video Sandstones Media Production

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