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Freyr weekend 09

Last 3 days I spent my time in Freyr. It was time to climb some rocks to get back in shape. The first day I climbed with Paul Lahaye. To warm up he showed me some real nice routes. I have also been climbing in John Bee to repeat the movements and I was working in this combination route which ends in the same line. It went quite well.

The second and third day I climbed together with Jacco Schutte, Sarah Adeney and Paul van Rensch. I didn’t sleep that well in my summer sleeping bag and my skin on my finger tops was quite sensitive. So I decided to take it easy on the second day. I was working out John Bee again and paid attention on the feet holds.

The final day went better. I slept well and had a delicious breakfast. Back in the rocks, Jacco was working out God Save The Queen. I went for another try in John Bee and this time I only needed one block. Too bad but on the other hand it is nice to experience such a progression within 3 days. After all, it is just training. I can almost send John Bee, hopefully I can add this route soon in my list!


I’ve never been to Freyr before believe it or not. So the 4 days there I was completely exhausted. Actually.. make that 3 days, but I’m glad I know now what its like to climb there. What did I learn? Place your feet well and keep on climbing. Good thing the weather was nice.

Arriving at Freyr with Jacco, I ran into a few familiar faces: Dimi and Isolde, Erik Lucas, and Michiel Nieuwenhuisen among others. It was really nice catching up with them. Thanks to these guys, I have some new projects now and I can’t wait to return to Freyr for that.

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