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Most of us needed a rest day after such an intensive competition. Sunday felt like a typical rest day.

In the morning we had breakfast together. Wouter, Vera, Nicky and Channah did some grocery shopping at the local supermarket. Casper fixed us scrumbled eggs with bacon. Delicious breakfast!

After breakfast we hit the roads for 20 minutes. We went to Burbage South to explore some rocks.

It was good to be outdoors. We took a nice walk between the rocks while the sun was shining.

Together with Ferdinand, Casper, Michiel and Nicky, we went home. Some of us grabbed their books and started to study while having a nice cup of coffee. I had nothing to do and felt like writing an update for my webpage.

In the evening chef Wally and sous-chef Vera prepared pasta for dinner. For the first time We were having dinner in the knight room. It was a cozy dinner with a nice atmosphere.

After dinner we were talking about our program for the rest of the week. Hopefully the sun will shine because we really want to feel some rocks!

A part of our climbing internship is attending the CWIF10 competition. It is my first time that I am attending this competition. Our cottage is about 10 minutes away from this climbing center. So that is beyond ideal!

We arrived at 8.30 AM and were exploring the walls in this climbing center. It was really awesome to be here. All pink boulders (30 problems) are meant for the qualifications. From 6a up to 8b…

The competition started at 9.30 AM. We began to warm up early. I decided to seek for simple boulder problems. Meanwhile the center was getting quite crowded.

I noticed that some of the holds were polished. These holds are from Holdz. I think it looks awkward however sometimes boulder problems are quite influenced by these holds.

Most of the boulder problems were nice. Some of the problems were really difficult. The boulder setters used lots of volumes and every corner wisely.

Meanwhile Casper and coach Wally were doing good during the qualifications. They managed to flash most of the boulder problems. At 3 PM we handed in our score forms. The best 16 climbers will advance to the semis. Nikki van Bergen climbed really well and ended up 9th! Casper and coach Wally just managed to advance to the semis.

The semis contained strong climbers. Most of the climbers have worldcup competition experience. It was quite a diversified field. From Dutch climbers up to Italians, French, English and more international people. In my view this competition was equal to Worldcup competition level.

Coach Wally, Casper and Nikki had to onsight 4 boulder problems during the semis. I was sitting next to Michiel and our impression about the first men’s problem was that it was similar to a sanding machine.

The rest of the problems were quite tricky. In my opinion it was difficult to find out the correct sequence to send a boulder.
The female boulders were quite impressive as well. Nikki didn’t like her first problem. She felt tired however that is understandable after 30 qualification boulders.

Unfortunately none of us managed to advance to the finals. We were at Climbing Works for 14 hours however it was a great experience to be here. It was a super competition!

Pictures are worth a 1000 words.

Below a few impressions of our cottage.

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Wednesday evening, 2 days before departure to Leeds Bradford, England.

I have an empty suitcase in front of me. Next to me there is a bunch of team clothing. I need a scissor to cut off the tags and pack my clothes. I am filling my suitcase with some extra Moon clothing and climbing gear.

Thursday afternoon is our usual central training at Monk Bouldergym. According to my Profile of Mood log, I have an increasing line. That is a good sign. I sleep well, feel energetic, looking forward to the daily training, eat well and no signs of sore muscles. We gather together as a team and Wouter has an assignment for us. He wants us to make up boulders for each other. That was fun and our training was over in no time.

Friday I finished packing my final bits. I met Vera Zijlstra at Utrecht central station and bought some delicious berry ice-cream. Then we were heading off to the airport. Coach Wouter spotted us and we went towards the check-in area and wait for the rest of our team.

Below you will see some snapshots of our outgoing flight to Sheffield.

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