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So now is the time to announce the results of the National Championship Lead ticket contest.

As you can all see from the clue I left, the answer is Excalibur which stands at 37 meters and is at Bjoeks climbing gym in the city Groningen.

I received a lot of good response to the contest. So I had all the names written down in small pieces of paper and placed them in a bowl and chose from there. So our lucky winner is Evelien van Bijnen!

Congratulations Evelien. I shall notify you via email in a short while with details on how to claim your prize.

Thank you to all who participated and wait for more exciting promos and contest soon.

Hey everyone! The National Championship Lead is right around the corner, and you know what this means right? Yes! It’s time for a new contest!

I’ll be giving away an extra ticket to one of you lucky people. Don’t worry cause the question this time will be easy. So are you all ready for it?

The question is:
Name the highest climbing wall in The Netherlands and give me its actual height and location. Easy right?

So good luck to everyone and enjoy this contest!

You can send your answer to The winner will be announced here on my webpage and will also be notified via mail. You are only allowed one entry per participant. This contest will run until 5th of November 2010, 23:59h and no data will be given to third parties.

It was a tough decision. I received a bunch of slogans however I managed to pick a nice slogan. The winner of the slogan contest is: Tom Hendriks.

He sent the following slogan:
Ik wil graag naar de Boulder Worldcup in Eindhoven want anders maakt een mannetje met een pistool me van kant. (only in Dutch)

Congratulations with your free ticket!

Unfortunately I only had one ticket available. Supporters who aren’t present at Eindhoven, have the opportunity to follow the competition live! Click here for livestream.

Do you want to visit the Boulder Worldcup at Eindhoven but you don’t have a ticket yet? You can win a ticket at Truong, this ticket is valid on Friday 25th of June and Saturday 26th of June.

You can win a passe-partout ticket. Why? Don’t ask questions, I just feel like it. Supporters often cheer for me and now I’m willing to return a favour.

What to do?
Mail your name + surname and finish the slogan. Good luck!

I’d like to visit this Boulder Worldcup at Eindhoven because …(max. 30 words).

You can send your slogan to The winning slogan will be published between 00:00h and 01:00h on 25th of June 2010. The best slogan will be published on my webpage. It is allowed to send multiple slogans per participant. The winner will be notificated by mail. This offer expires 24th of June 2010, 23:59h. No data will be given to third parties. You didn’t send a slogan but you do want to visit the Worldcup? Buy your ticket online.
For any inquiries, click here to send me an e-mail.