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Twitter is useful for short updates. Last few days I updated my status when possible. For now I’ll update on my web.

Last Sunday I left to Schiphol airport. I got dropped off by car due to too many public transport delays. At 11.00 AM I met coach Wouter at the check-in. Everything went well. We only had to switch once in Paris.

In Paris I didn’t feel well. I was cold and hot, even though it was up to 29 degrees. I took some medicine to control my headache.

We arrived safely at Geneve. Then I spotted Elko, waiting in front a windows. His luggage didn’t arrive, pity! Luckily he put his climbingshoes in his rucksack.

Next we rented a car to drive to Chamonix. On our way we saw this awesome car.

Nikki arrived earlier at Chamonix. She checked in at the hotel and did groceries. Our hotel is only 5 minutes away from the competition wall, thanks for booking Vera. Luckily we were just on time for the technical meeting.

In the evening we watched soccer! The Netherlands – Spain, with french comments. Radio through the internet was no option, it got delayed by 1 minute. We followed the soccer match and it was exciting! Robben should have scored. Period. But no, after 90 minutes we decided to get some rest. I felt so tired, weak and cold. Obviously I caught a bad virus.

I hope tomorrow I’ll feel better. I’ll write more later.

Come weekend will be very excited.

If we talk about Worldcups, then soccer will be the main topic. Netherlands – Spain! Sunday they’ll start playing at 8.30 PM local time. Go Holland yeah! Unfortunately I can’t support our team from The Netherlands, however I will support them from France.

Sunday I’ll fly to Geneve to go to Chamonix. My first Lead Worldcup is about to start on Monday. Furthermore Nikki van Bergen (f), Elko Schellingerhout and Jorg Verhoeven are also on the startlist.

Monday I’ll climb the qualification routes between 8.30h and 14.00h. In addition there is livestream available so you’re able to follow all of us. I’m so looking forward to it. Just a few more days to go!!

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