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Today my friends from boulder gym Kunststof celebrated their 1-year anniversary.

Throwing a boulder party called Kunst|Werck is the best way to celebrate your anniversary. 31 fresh set boulders were the results of last week. From toehooks and heelhooks to hanging upside down and running on volumes. Piece by piece they were fun and creative to climb.

I always get super psyched to climb when I visit this gym. In my opinion they have succeeded well. It was fun to watch other people climb, however it was more fun to climb all.

I ended up on the podium with 4 other climbers. It was good to hear the announcement at the end of the party: a second boulder gym will be open soon in Utrecht! 😀 I wish you all the best and see you next time!

Hello there!

Last week I made a last minute call to visit my friends in Fontaine Bleau. It was a good decision with a lot of fun, rowing in a boat, playing tennis, enjoy champagne, having dinner together and last but not least climb in the forest! It was a good time with Jerome, Karine, Etienne, Margaux and the rest.
















Instead of working out all the time, it felt good to be one with the nature and enjoy simple boulders. For example this boulder in Bas Cuvier – La Paillon directe.

Video: Bas Cuvier – La Paillon Directe

Climbing without fear is the best way to enjoy and to be free 🙂







I am just done with editing a training video. I need to say that I was rusty in editing earlier this week. I spent more time on editing than filming the action!

Some background information, this was my 6th climbing session in 4 days(!) This time I looked into a campus board training. After the training I still feel energized, however my skin feels quite sensitive.

This video is based on Sean McColl’s campus board training. I followed his workout on the rungs, skipped some extra rests and it feels good. Vera joined me on this training. To be honest, it is much more fun to train together!

rest = 90 seconds

Up by 1’s – skipped rest
Up by 1’s – rest
Up by 2’s – skipped rest
Up by 2’s – rest
Big dynamic moves – skipped rest
Big dynamic moves – rest
Bumping left hand – skipped rest
Bumping right hand – rest
Bumping left hand – skipped rest
Bumping right hand – rest
Double up by 1’s – skipped rest
Double up by 2’s – rest
Offset double up by 1’s (left hand high) – skipped rest
Offset double up by 1’s (right hand high) – rest
Offset by 2, alternating hands (last exercise of Sean’s workout)

Over onto the orange holds – 15 pullups – 10 pullups (finished on exercises)


Watch the video below.

Video: Campus training

Then Vera and I went bouldering for another 1,5 hours.

done climbing

2,5 hours later our climbing session finished. Efficient and productive, that’s the way I like it 😀

This video still gives me goosebumps when I watch it. I just have to share this video because it’s timeless. Press play, turn on your speakers and set to full screen!

Video: Slow Moments WC Bouldering Vail 2014

Now I’m ready to go to the gym and kick ass! See you.

Ever wondered what an 8C boulder looks like in Fontaine Bleau? Here’s Guigui in Jour de Chasse. He sent it in 6 sessions. Awesome!

Video: Jour de chasse 8C – Guillaume Glairon Mondet

Read more about the boulder on Guillaume’s website.

If you missed out a lot of bouldering on livestream, here is another nice compilation below. It’s competition bouldering with a lot of action!

I like the fact that there is a lot of footage involved from the European Championship Bouldering from Eindhoven 😀 Again compliments to the routesetters. I still enjoy it. What do you think?

Video: MouvementProduction – Competition bouldering

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