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Hey there!

This CWIF competition was held earlier this year however the highlight video was released just a week ago. Watching this makes me want to compete again! So many technical problems, looks like fun. Good job to the setters!

Video: CWIF 2014 Highlights

Here’s a video from last week’s IFSC Climbing World Championship Boulder which was held in Munich. It’s an edit by Udo Neumann of the finals for those who missed it.

In the end, Germany’s Juliane Wurm took gold on home soil and the Czech Republic’s Adam Ondra clinched his first Boulder World Champion title. Well done guys!

Video: IFSC Bouldering World Championship by Udo Neumann

When I just saw these vids below, I was getting really motivated. These walls at the comps are huge and the setters seem to love to set 15 move boulders!

These highlights contain awesome shots, nice closeups and show how strong the comp climbers are in the US.

Video: American Bouldering Series 15 Women’s Highlights

Video: American Bouldering Series 15 Men’s Highlights

Morning! Are you up yet?

Check this out. Here’s another cool video, this time with Dave Graham. This rock looks sick. It makes me feel like climbing outdoors again!

Video: Dave Graham – Adventures in Oz

Hello you all!

2 Weeks ago there was a really cool outdoor competition in Hueco Tanks. It’s called Hueco Rock Rodeo. Sports climbers all over the world travel to the US to compete in this awesome outdoor area. It seems like climbing in a gym but outdoors. I’m going to add this area on my list! Here’s a video of the competition. Enjoy :D.

Video: Hueco Rock Rodeo 2014

Goodmorning climbfreaks!

This is the story of Chris Webb Parsons. Chris, a strong Oz who has been at the forefront of rock climbing for many years takes you through his life, thoughts and some of his recent ascents including his 2 latest V15 ascents!

By the way, this video takes about an hour. Nice footage and interesting story for sure!

“Don’t blink…Life goes faster than you think”

Video: Don’t Blink – The story of CWP

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