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Guess who’s back in town? I know I disappeared for a while. Sorry, I was too busy…climbing 😀

Anyway, today I received a big parcel from my Spanish friends Boreal. They sent me some new models and one of them is the Satori.

I always love to unbox and take some snapshots of it. So enjoy these photos!



I was surprised the middle part of the shoe is really flexible. The rubber is ultra sticky. Even on top of the shoe there is a lot of rubber for toe hooking. The front sole is hard and the heel is also quite high in comparison with the Falcon or the Kintaro I used to climb on.



I think this shoe looks very technical. I like the colour combination. It is a toe down shoe, which means perfect for overhang climbs or bouldering. The strap on top of the shoe can be tightened.



As you can see, the heel has an extra cut. When I fit the shoe, my heel doesn’t fill up the shoe, there is a little room for air in the corner. As I mentioned before, the heel is high but it doesn’t bother because the material is soft.


I climbed on these shoes today. The first time is usually really tight. Inside the shoe, there are cushions. It feels as if there is a pre printed sole inside, whereas other shoes are just flat inside. Also behind the lip there is another lip. It is made from a soft material, it feels as if you’re about to go diving.


I climbed 2 hours on it. Heel hooks and toe hooks are no problem.


My feet looks a bit bluish from the material however I’ve seen worse from other shoes like La Sportiva Cobra. The shoes are really comfortable and soft. There is still a lot of rubber on it. I think the shoe will wear out a little bit as I will climb more on it.


Overall the shoe is pretty cool. It will be a good replacement for my Falcon. So far my review about the Boreal Satori. So what is your opinion about these shoes?

A month ago I received new climbing shoes on request from Boreal.

Last year I saw a video of Yuji Hirayama testing new Boreal shoes: Kintaro model. I was so surprised and didn’t believe that the shoes had such sticky rubber. Back then I wrote a post about it and it included a video.

I’m going to review these shoes as I’ve been testing it for a month or so. Usually I review the shoes when I receive them but now I know what it feels like.

First of all, I want to give my special thanks to Boreal for supporting me in my sports career. I have been receiving unlimited climbing shoes and I like to talk about it.

In my opinion the unboxing part is always exciting. It makes me happy!

The shoes are wrapped in plastic and it smells like -guess what- rubber. This model is a down turned shoe as you can see. Furthermore, the colours are wicked and easy to wear with the velcro straps. The design looks nice, so I rate it an 8 out of 10 because it’s quite an eye catcher.

How do I experience the shoe? It fits me well, however the sole of the shoe seems a tad thick. I still have a thick sole today and I climbed quite often with these shoes. The heel fits me better than the Boreal Falcon model. I also like the fact that the heel looks normal, no additional rubber on the back of the heel. With a month of experience I can tell you that the heel hook feels great. The toe hook is okay, not bad yet great. The shoe feels a bit small, but I guess it’s just a matter of getting used to new shoes.

When we talk about the Zenith rubber, it’s really sticky in the beginning. The video with Yuji is real because I’ve tested it myself. The shoes really do stick from tip to tip. It only works when the shoes are new or really clean. I can stick everything on it. Click here to find out more about Zenith rubber.

Anyway, the Kintaro model is a great additional model to the Boreal collection. The sole is a bit thick but the design, rubber and my experience of wearing these shoes are great. I’ve come to the conclusion that this model deserves a 8 out of then overall score. Pretty amazing right!

New models from Boreal! Check out this video.

Video: Yuji Hirayama demonstrates Boreal rubber

Hopefully I can get my hands on these awesome shoes soon. I’ll keep you up to date!

Two days ago a mail man from DHL knocked on my door to deliver a parcel from Boreal Spain.

I’m very happy to receive this parcel. The package was wrapped in Boreal tape. Carefully I cut the box open to check the content. I was expecting climbing shoes but there was more. I also received new trail running shoes!

Futura Verde & Krypto

I’ll give you a short review about these shoes. As you can see, both shoes are green. Lets get a closer look at the Futura Verde trail running shoes.

Futura Verde

The shoe is soft and perfect for trail running, nordic walking, orienteering and fast movers. My feet feels very comfortable when I fit the shoes. It is light, 770 gram per pair, 100% waterproof and made from high-tech material. I like it.

Lets talk about the climbing shoes. Below you’ll see a nice close up of the Boreal Krypto.


The Krypto is a new model in the collection of Boreal shoes. I think it’s similar to the Crux, however the sole is softer. The rubber feels sticky and therefore I think the shoe is perfect for overhanging routes. The shoe weighs 485 gram per pair. The double velcro closure is copied from the other models. The heel doesn’t have the edges like the Falcon. I haven’t tested these climbing shoes yet, but I’m sure these shoes are pretty comfortable due to the velcro closure.

Anyway, so far my shoe review. I hope you like it. Thank you Boreal for supporting me!

I like to read reviews about new climbing shoes. Moreover, it gets interesting if you can find more information about your own climbing shoes / approach shoes. put reviews from 19 (!!) models from 11 companies online. Awesome, now you’re able to compare them among each other. To be honest, you need to fit many different models before you can make a choice. Each foot seems to be unique, right?

This list contains 2 pairs of shoes which I use as well. Are your shoes listed? Check here.
Courtesy: Chris Weidner / Climbing Magazine.

Boreal Tribal, source:

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Yesss! A while ago Vera Zijlstra tried to convince me to climb on classic Boreal shoes. Unfortunately she didn’t manage to convince me, such a pity.

A few days ago I received a parcel from Boreal. It didn’t contain classic climbing shoes but the new awesome Silex Velcro! They also added a big chalk bag.

I will add a short review. What is my opinion about these shoes? They feel somewhat stiff, velcro is useful and it has a nice colour.

Does it fit well? They feel very comfortable and gives additional support for those who require it. It weighs 495 gram per pair and it is made of leather. The sole is made of FS-Quattro rubber and feels thick. It has a double velcro closure which connects very well with your feet and the Anti shock heel adds more comfort to your heel.

My conclusion: These shoes are not meant for performance unlike the Falcon or Tribal, however they are really comfortable for your feet. Climbing is fun and you need these comfortable shoes to complete yourself.

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