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A family car had parked in front of my door at half past ten. It was Ulf Lennertz, Ivanka Pufkus and Elko Schellingerhout. Together we went to Berdorf at Luxembourg to climb outdoors for 2 days.

We arrived about half past two at Berdorf and started walking towards the rocks. Ulf and I managed to send Tribut Croquettes 7c+ in our third attempt. Elko sent Voleur de Spits 7a/b and Ivanka had to get used to the rocks outdoors. Soon it was getting dark and we ended our day by visiting a pizzeria for dinner at Echternach.

The second day it was less cold. It was easier to warm up my fingers. After the warm up Ulf and I were working out Undercover Angel 7c. The sequence was nice and I managed to send the route in my attempt. It was somewhat more difficult for Ulf and he needed more attempts. Unfortunately he got too tired and decided to quit. Elko didn’t feel so good about his fingers and spent some time with a Nintendo DS.

Meanwhile it was half past four. We went back to our car, packed our stuff and returned to The Netherlands. We had fun climbing outdoors for 2 days. It was nice to visit Berdorf again!

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