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Last week I received a text message on my mobile phone from Timo Tak. He’s back in town and felt like climbing outdoors. Although the weather forecast wasn’t that good I’d accepted his invitation to climb outdoors. Once in a while you need to take a risk to climb outdoors.

8 in the AM I was ready to go. I packed my harness, climbing shoes, quickdraws and enough food with me. A little later Timo arrived in his dark marine Peugeot. He was just in time, that’s how I reckon Timo.

Eindhoven – Freyr, 215 km

2 hours and 15 minutes later we arrived at Freyr. Surprisingly it was dry! We noticed the parking lot was full of cars.

Obviously we weren’t the only one who felt like climbing.

After some warm up routes, we were looking for long difficult routes.

Dry rocks yeah!

Timo is looking for a route to climb.

Timo is working in a route.

The ClickUp works perfect!

What’s the best way to get up? Right…

Some time later…

Timo hiding from raindrops.

It was pouring too much rain, time to go home.

We climbed about 4 hours at Freyr. Unfortunately the weatherman was correct and it started to rain a lot. We hoped for dry weather, better luck next time.

Oh well, we had fun climbing. Soon we’ll be back to finish our route.

It is Saturday and my alarm went off. It was early but fortunately I prepared my rucksack the day before. Today we went to climbing gym Klimax at Belgium.

On my way to our meeting point at Eindhoven, I dropped by at a supermarket to get myself breakfast and lunch. I was in the supermarket and bought some gingerbread, some currant buns and bananas. Then I went to a gas station where I would join Tabitha Buma.

Far away I saw a big van parked at the gas station. Kim got out of the van and waved at me. I parked my bike nearby and entered the Buma van. It contained hot plates, a table and a bunk-bed.

An hour later we finally reached our venue. It looks like there was a competition going on, however coach Wouter already arranged that we were still able to climb outdoors.

After a short briefing by coach Wouter, our training was meant to simulate a competition. It is important to know how to prepare a competition. How do you warm up properly in a limited isolation area, how do you mentally prepare yourself, how do you prepare your route? Everyone had different goals.

Then we started to get ourselves ready. I went to the isolation area to warm up. Meanwhile Wouter and Kim picked a few routes for our simulation competition. They picked a blue route for me, which was quite long and all the way through the roof. Everyone had their own route and it was up to us to climb it onsight.

Wouter and Kim observed everyone. They shared their opinions about how to improve ourselves and how long we were actually climbing. That was nice to know.

We still had 1,5 hours left to climb routes. I managed to climb 4 routes until we went back home.

It was a super sunny day. Climbing gym Klimax is nice location to train outdoors with the lead team. I have had a nice time and it motivates me to climb with a team. See you next time again!

I’m going to train with the lead team at climbing gym Klimax at Puurs (BE). What do I pack in my rucksack? I pack my harness, climbing shoes, chalk bag, team clothing, a few Powerbars / enough food and drinks with me. I peddle my way to the CTO house of Vera Zijlstra and Elko Schellingerhout to join them.

On our way to Puurs we listen to awesome classic songs on the radio.

After 2,5 hours of driving we finally arrive at climbing gym Klimax. It was windy but I was well prepared.

While Vera is sorting out her rope, Elko and me are warming up in some routes.

30 Minutes later coach Wally, Nikki van Bergen and Teun Keusters enters the climbing gym. They were stuck in traffic jam.

Coach Wally is showing off his boulderskills in the roof. Teun picks a different route and also climbs in the roof.

Coach Wally shared a few targets. One of them was climbing at least 10 routes today. Within 3 hours I managed to achieve my target.

After 4 hours of climbing we decided to pack our stuff and go home.

Vera let me drive on the way back.

To end our day we decided to go out for dinner at Eindhoven. It was a nice training day!

Sunday evening I received a few text messages from Paul.

P: Hey Truong, feel like going to Freyr tomorrow?
T: Hey Paul! Yes that seems nice! What time are you leaving?
P: About 10 o’clock or half past 10 at Maastricht. Is that ok to you?
T: Ok, I’ll be there and text you later when I catch the train.
P: Okay, we’ll be there. Cool!

When I shared my plans with coach Wally, I was good to go. I packed my bags, took a shower, slept and got up early again. My gear was ready to rock’n roll.

In the morning I wasn’t fully recovered from my Sunday training session with Vera Zijlstra at Monk. My mind was totally set to outdoor climbing. It was my first time to climb outdoors again this year. While I’m in my train on the way to Maastricht, I can only think of nice memories from last year.

At Maastricht Paul Lahaye, Isolde Toet and Marieke Broertjes are waiting for me in front of the station. I enter the car while all of them are distracted by a climber with a helmet who passed by the car. Paul is racing to Freyr and within an hour we are able to enjoy a nice cup of coffee and some tea at Chamonix restaurant.

After our drink, we went to the rocks. The weather conditions were good, 6 or 7 degrees. When Paul and I walked into the woods, Isolde and Marieke decided to visit a different area to climb some rocks. Our track was a huge mud track. Fortunately I was well prepared and left my Nike sneakers at home.

Followed by 2 warm up routes Paul wanted to explore Tabula Rasa, 8a. Paul managed to set the quickdraws by a route next to this line. I climbed first, it was a nice way to test my onsight level. The movements are nice but at some height I wasn’t able to climb further. I saw mini holds without any food holds. The route appeared to be Jolie Promenade, 8b instead of Tabula Rasa. It wasn’t our intention to explore this route so we reset the quickdraws.

My second attempt to explore Tabula Rasa went fine until I felt the crux. I was empty and let Paul explore this route. Paul managed well, he climbed too much in Spain lately and he had to get used to Belgium rocks. Isolde and Marieke joined us and encouraged Paul in his route. Again we made a mistake, the route splits up to left and right. Paul picked the wrong end and ended up exploring Esperanza, 8b+. Later a local explained which line belongs to which routes.

I felt like some food after climbing some vertical routes. We had dinner at Chamonix restaurant. We caught up and in the evening we drove back to The Netherlands. Hopefully next time we will be able to climb the correct route.

This weekend was the Blok Open event in Hoboken at Belgium. I was about to participate but I had to cancel last minute due to extreme weather conditions. I decided to skip this event because the roads were slippery and train transport was limited.

To be honest, I was looking forward to this event. However at times it is nice to have a peaceful weekend and just enjoy your spare time.

Next Saturday Dust 2010 is on my agenda and I will participate in this event. See you next week in Monk bouldergym.


The weather was strange in Freyr. I tagged along with Timo Tak to Belgium. It was somewhat foggy and wet at some places. When we arrived at restaurant Chamonix, the climate was foggy and moist. We still wanted to check out the rocks and went forward to Le Pape and Tête du Lion.

The rocks felt cold. We warmed up in a nice route on Le Pape. Soon Timo felt like climbing Heroïne 7a+ and managed to send it onsight. Well done, however the friction was super. I picked another route Bonsai 8a, but unfortunately I couldn’t set a quickdraw. I was unable to set it from my position. Then Timo wanted to climb God Save The Queen 8a onsight. He almost succeeded!

After Timo’s attempt I was working out Le Pilier Davaille 7b+. The movements were nice. At the end of the route I was exploring the extension, the roof. The roof didn’t have many positive holds. I gave up on the roof. I took a short break and ate a few grapes while sitting in the sun. Then I went back and I managed to send this route. Yes another route for my ticklist.

Now it was Timo’s turn again. He felt a bit tense because he knew he could send God Save The Queen. He didn’t feel so well and after a short break with some toilet paper he felt relieved and managed to send the route!

Although the cold and foggy climate we still enjoyed our time on the rocks. See you next time Freyr!

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