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Arco / La Gola

I’m back in The Netherlands. I have been visiting Arco for 10 days in Italy! It was a fun, nice but also a very hot (climbing) holiday for me. I’ve never been to Arco before and heard lots of stories about it. Together with Tineke van Extel, it took us about 14 hours of driving to get to Italy.

In Arco I spent my time with the climbing club ED+ from Nijmegen. The club was guided by Mira Jongeneelen, Kim van den Hout and Tineke van Extel. We have had a great holiday with a group of 15 a 20 people.
Every day it was about 30 degrees and the best time to climb was about six o’clock in the evening. It got dark at 9 pm which made us stop quite early. I haven’t been climbing much but I did eat delicious Italian ice creams and I have swum every now and then.

I have been to Mont Colt, La Gola, San Siro and Massone. Mont Colt was difficult to reach with such a big group but it was a nice adventure. The rest of the climbing areas was easy to reach. Besides climbing I have also been visiting Verona.
What I find typical about Arco was the many climbing shops. I think I have seen about 10 climbing shops! Climbers, bikers and hikers are more than welcome. Gear and shoes were being sold for bargains. It was a paradise for climbers.

I have got to know ED+ a lot better and I learned a lot from the people around me. For instance a new knot thanks to Mira because I only knew the 8-knot, guidelines for toprope routes and many more. I won’t forget these tricks. Anyway, I have had a nice time with ED+.

So far my holiday report about Arco.

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