Daniel Woods is one of the strongest boulderers in the world. I like his style, he is so strong in his fingers. I envy him for that.

He went to Japan this year and sent a really hard boulder. For those who didn’t see Reel Rock, here is some small video which was part of the movie. Well done Daniel!

Video: Daniel Woods – Hydrangia V15

Before I showed you a boulder movie with a similar name. It was called The Wheel of Chaos, however this is another boulder movie. This one is called The Wheel of Life 8C and I think the name is self explanatory. Here you can see Alexander Megos is crushing it!

I like the Best Of parts at 06:27! :D

Video: Alexander Megos – The Wheel Of Life 8C

Goodmorning climbers!

This is some awesome video of Chris Sharma climbing in Australia! Have you ever been there before? I sure like to visit it some time though. The area looks so nice and clean.

The boulder looks awesome too. I feel the roof!

Enjoy the video!

Video: Chris Sharma Down Under

I have been posting a lot about boulder movies lately. Now it’s time to turn the table and talk some cool stuff about lead climbing.

When I was competing in lead competitions, I always wanted to climb a lot during a competition! Not just 1 or 2 qualifications and if you’d suck, you’d to accept it and you can go home. And the worst part, most likely you didn’t even enjoy that day.

24h Le Mur Oloron was the 8th edition and held on October 5th – 6th in France. The rules were simple, achieve as many points in 24 hours. How? There are routes varying between 5c – 8c, the harder the route, the more points you can collect. However, only the 5 best routes you climbed, are counting for your score. And on the next day are the finals. Sounds awesome right? Why don’t we have such a competition in The Netherlands? It makes me wonder. Perhaps I should suggest this kind of format next year.

Below is a compilation video with such a format implemented in the competition and you can see how it went down in Oloron Ste-Marie!

Video: 24h du Mur d’Oloron

Sean McColl killed the competition with such a score! Respect.

Hey welcome back on my website again. You know I’m feeding you with videos every day and it’s great right? You’re lucky today. Here is another one :D

This festival was just a while ago from October 10 – 13th. There were more than 540 climbers from 24 countries who travelled to Greece to take part in the event along with 16 of the world’s strongest climbers.

If you want to read more about the event, simply click here. Results in a nutshell, click here.

This area is still on my to-do-list. I will save it for next year!

And now it’s time for a short movie.

Video: TheNorthFaceVideo – Best of the finals

So who won this event? This guy: Alexander Megos.

Video: Alexander Megos

Put some strong boulderers together in front of an old project and 9 out of 10 times you will have a nice video.

This one is taken in Colorado and contains 20+ moves in a boulder. Daniel Woods made the first ascent. The rest will follow. Interesting to see though!

Hit play.

Video: The Island presents the Wheel Of Chaos

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