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Would you like to win a box of CLIF bar and 2 entrance tickets to the Bergsportdag 2017? This event will take place on Sunday 29th of January from 9.30 AM until 5 PM in de Jaarbeurs at Utrecht. Like this post and let me know why climbing is your passion!

You can send your answer with your name and phonenumber to The winner will be contacted and notified via mail. This contest will run until January 28th 2017, 16.00h. No data will be given to third parties.

Just about a week ago I participated in the sports national championship.

I had a really relaxing day and I was looking forward to shine and climb. Once I entered the venue in Amsterdam, I was escorted to a separate entrance of the building straight into the isolation area. Before my warm up I enjoyed a take away filled with noodles and fish. Nom nom nom.

The audience was receiving a speech from the climbing federation, while all the competitors were warming up in the isolation.

After 3 hours of iso, we were introduced to the audience and we finally could have a look at the route.

I was impressed by the route! It was a total volume festival. It looked awesome, all I wanted was to get past the big volumes and climb the upper part of the route. The upper part of the route suits my style using heelhooks, compression between hold and pinches. I was hoping I could give everything in this route!

Here is an overview of the route while Casper was climbing.

After 6 minutes of reading the route, we had to go back into the isolation area. I was keeping myself warm and pulled my Petzl Sitta harness and my La Sportiva Skwama’s out of my bag. Once I got on stage, all I wanted to do was to climb and enjoy the route.

In my head I was thinking: “Okay relax, don’t zip on the volumes, look for the right footholds, don’t mess up the sequence and keep on breathing. I visualised a kneebar, now it’s time to execute it. I will put my right foot on the high foothold and drop my knee into the volume.

This works well, now enjoy the route a bit and keep on climbing. I passed the big volumes, bump up with my left hand to the blue side doughnut, then pinch the big volume with my right and make a left heelhook and go for the undercling. Ooh sh*t no, I’m all stretched out between the yellow volume and the blue undercling and suddenly I am stuck in the route!! I can’t go back, if I go back I will miss the hold, if I will match the undercling, it will be game over, there is too much pressure on my right foot, why is this hold set so high above my head?!

Hopefully you understood a bit of what was going through my head. I had mixed feelings about my performance. I could climb a little bit, however I couldn’t give everything in the route as I was hoping for. It was such a pity.

I was not yet pumped, instead I got stuck halfway in the route, ended up stretched out and fell. It was too early to fall in the route. Maybe I should have used a different sequence or maybe I wasn’t strong enough?

Anyway, I enjoyed the route a lot and ended up on the 7th place. The audience gave me a lot of energy. Thank you for supporting me and congratulations to everyone who managed to end up on the podium!

I love the photos. All the credits goes to Zout Fotografie and NKBV. Hopefully next year I can perform at my maximum during the nationals in the brand new Neoliet gym at Utrecht πŸ˜€

Hello climbers!

I’m back for an announcement!

This Saturday the sport national championship will take place in Amsterdam. It is the time of the year to witness the best 20 competition climbers in action and I’m one of the performers πŸ˜€ The tickets are sold out. But no worries, livestream is available for those who want to tune in.

The reason why I was off the grid was due to a knee injury. Fortunately I recovered from that injury and I have been training like Patxi for the past few months. That means pushing limits while carrying extra weights. I love the transition from bouldering to lead climbing. Anyway, yesterday was my final training and I can’t wait to go a muerte on Saturday!

Update for the provisional program:
19.30h start women’s final
20.45h start men’s final
22.30h price ceremony

I will be in action around 21.10h. Wish me luck! See you on Saturday πŸ˜€

The past few weekends I have been visiting Berdorf, which is my favourite forest. I always enjoy nature, especially when it comes down to climbing on sandstone.

I remember the first time I set foot in Berdorf with some climbing friends from Nijmegen. In April 2007 I climbed my first 7c Scramasax in sector Isatis and I was aiming for more beautiful gems.

Sector Takla Makan


Since my first visit I came back to this area many times to repeat the same fun routes. 7 years later my focus changed. Instead of climbing just the popular and the hardest routes in this area, my wish is to climb all the routes within my reach.


According to the 2nd edition of the topoguide Berdorf counts 16 sectors and a special chapter with combinations of lines. Last weekend I managed to finish 2 sectors by climbing the easy routes. So far I finished the sectors Gentiane, Bleausard, Scheffelchen and Takla Makan. Some of the sectors are nearly finished because I only have to climb 1 more route and some of the sectors are unclimbed and still new to me.

Sitta, Saka, Contact

The total sum of routes which are ticked off in my topoguide comes down to 90. My most recent sends can be found here. I’m proud of this number and I can’t wait to climb more outdoor routes in this beautiful forest!

Hey climbers!

I have an announcement I want to share with you. As of yesterday I have a new sponsor for which I’m very grateful: Petzl!

So I will say goodbye to my old harness and will hang in my new, bright orange Sitta as of today.

If you are familiar with Petzl, you know that they make more than just harnesses. It’s a French company and they make headlamps, helmets, belay devices, ropes, carabiners, crashpads, ice axes and much more. Check out their website Petzl – access the inaccessible, where a lot of technical information can be found about the material, often with clear instruction videos and pictures.

Petzl support means a motivation boost to me and a new chapter in my climbing career. I am excited to see what the future has to offer with the support of Petzl!


Alex Honnold, the world’s most famous solo climber, has recorded his first 8b onsight, Spectrum in Lauterbrennen. Previously he has has onsighted three 8b’s, for which he has given a personal downgrade. In fact, looking at his scorecard with 700 routes, he, together with Adam Ondra, is one of the guys who suggest most personal downgrades. [Source:]

Personally I think this video brings recorded climbing videos to a whole new level. Using the arrows on your keyboard to look around in the video is amazing! It reminds me of playing video games except this is a video with a stunning view and it captured Alex on his first 8b onsight.

I can’t wait for more 360 videos to show up. Just awesome!!

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