Last Saturday there was a cool boulder party at Utrecht. Boulderhal Sterk was celebrating their 4 year anniversary and I was part of it!

I signed up for the PRO category and I was there at 12 PM. My goal was to become one of the finalists. I wanted to flash many problems because it will deliver 3 points per boulder. Jelmer gave me a cool retro head band which was matching my yellow Sterker shirt.

I was ready to rumble. After 6 hours of climbing, I could tick 24 out of 30 boulders. It was enough to advance to the finals!

In the finals I had to compete against Don van Laere, Elko Schellingerhout, Mark Brand, Bruno Geurts, Max van der Heijden and Max Deelen. We had to climb 4 problems with 4 attempts for each problem. The first attempt was onsight and the other attempts were redpoint. I liked this concept without isolation. We could see others climb and also copy methods from eachother.

The first move was pretty hard on the first 2 problems. That was a bit frustrating.

However I could show my skills in the last 2 problems. I climbed boulder problem number 3 in my second attempt.

On Instagram I placed a video of the last problem.

Overall, I had a good time, spending a lot of quality time on the boulders. It was a privilege to make finals in this event. Thank you boulder gym Sterk for organising this party. Congratulations with the 4 year anniversary!!

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