After my trip to Ceuse, I maintained my endurance by climbing some routes for training.
However without any goals or trips, I decided to join a lead competition: Lead 3, which was held yesterday at Monte Cervino climbing gym.


I didn’t have any expectations though. All I wanted was to test myself in this field. What was it like to compete again? Did I get nervous?


Well, to be honest when my alarm went off on Sunday at 07.30 AM I wasn’t really motivated to get up. I prepared myself and just went for it.

Once I arrived at Bergschenhoek, venue of the competition, I was quite disappointed. Another 6 competitors signed off in the men’s category and 3 in the women’s category!? I was left with just 9 other male competitors. Quite sad in my opinion.




The 2 qualification routes were nice, the final route was more exciting and challenging at the very end. It was good to catch up with some old friendly competitors. This competition was also a good test with my La Sportiva shoes! I was able to test both models: Futura Blue and Genius. It’s easy to smear your foot on the wall and walk up which was necessary in the second qualification route. And wearing these shoes almost feels like cheating. I love how sticky the rubber is and how precise and aware I am when I climb with the No-Edge technology.



I wasn’t nervous. Instead I enjoyed the climbs and ended up 2nd. I used my competition experience and had the same mindset as Gerke: forget the rest, it’s time to shine in the finals. Boooom, a silver medal in my pocket! I wanted to win but a top 3 made my day as well. You can check out the results here.



It’s good to have no expectations, but it’s better to set a goal. My goal for this year: aim for a spot at the National Championships 2015.

I hope next time there will be more competitors. It will be a better and fun challenge. You can sign up here. I’m excited already and you?

September 8th update: NKBV released some awesome photos of this event. Click here to view the photos.

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