Since a week I have set some goals for the end of this year.

The reason for that is that I want to feel fit when I climb outdoors. You know that feeling, that you’re in a climbing gym and you’re just maintaining your body and fingerstrength but actually you’re not pushing yourself at all? Well, I’m about to change that!

I have been climbing 5 days in a row, 1 day rest, climbed again for 2 days and here we are. Sometimes when I have more time you will find me at the gym multiple times a day. Of course I will climb with a schedule and won’t climb every day. Eventually my aim is to have effective training sessions. For now I was having a short session in the afternoon, got a good rest and had another climbing session in the evening.


Anyway, I have been sharing some videos and photos on Instagram and Facebook. Well, here is an edited version of some pullups which I did yesterday after 6 effective hours at the gym spread out during the day. I’m a bit rusty in editing videos now but it’s better than nothing right? If you’re at Monk, give it a try but be careful with your fingers 😉

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