Guess who’s back in town? I know I disappeared for a while. Sorry, I was too busy…climbing 😀

Anyway, today I received a big parcel from my Spanish friends Boreal. They sent me some new models and one of them is the Satori.

I always love to unbox and take some snapshots of it. So enjoy these photos!



I was surprised the middle part of the shoe is really flexible. The rubber is ultra sticky. Even on top of the shoe there is a lot of rubber for toe hooking. The front sole is hard and the heel is also quite high in comparison with the Falcon or the Kintaro I used to climb on.



I think this shoe looks very technical. I like the colour combination. It is a toe down shoe, which means perfect for overhang climbs or bouldering. The strap on top of the shoe can be tightened.



As you can see, the heel has an extra cut. When I fit the shoe, my heel doesn’t fill up the shoe, there is a little room for air in the corner. As I mentioned before, the heel is high but it doesn’t bother because the material is soft.


I climbed on these shoes today. The first time is usually really tight. Inside the shoe, there are cushions. It feels as if there is a pre printed sole inside, whereas other shoes are just flat inside. Also behind the lip there is another lip. It is made from a soft material, it feels as if you’re about to go diving.


I climbed 2 hours on it. Heel hooks and toe hooks are no problem.


My feet looks a bit bluish from the material however I’ve seen worse from other shoes like La Sportiva Cobra. The shoes are really comfortable and soft. There is still a lot of rubber on it. I think the shoe will wear out a little bit as I will climb more on it.


Overall the shoe is pretty cool. It will be a good replacement for my Falcon. So far my review about the Boreal Satori. So what is your opinion about these shoes?

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