I have been competing in local competitions at Monk. This competition is called Re-Set. For me it’s a low profile competition and quite convenient because it’s near my living place 😀

I have some photos to share. The coloured photo is from Re-Set round 1, taken by Dirk Mol which was held on Friday 13th of September. The black and white photos are from Re-Set round 2, taken by Bram Berkien which was held last Friday.

Re-Set round 1



The last photo was taken when I was fighting gravity in the hardest boulder from the set and failed when matching my hand on the biggest volume. It reminds me that I’m still not fit enough.

Some update about myself: my goal is to get fit real soon! I think that I’m improving slow but I don’t mind. Currently I’m working on my weaknesses and I like to make up boulders for myself. Not only am I focussed on bouldering, however I try to keep up with some endurance. I’m really motivated to train hard and push my limits.

These competitions are a gift, where I can test myself. So keep up the good work Monk, because I enjoy the competition boulders!

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