NKBVAs some of you may already know, I am no longer part of the Dutch Climbing Team. But since I’m still getting the random question every now and then asking me what happened, I thought I’d take some time now to tell you all the story behind it.

Last month, I had a conversation with coach Wally about my performance with the team for 2012. I always feel in good form during training, but it doesn’t seem to reflect with my results on the actual competition. I really wanted to give it my all during the National Championships, but with me just recovering from my knee injury, there really isn’t much that I can do. Then there was the recently announced budget cuts by the NOC*NSF. Sportsclimbing will receive less financial aid starting this year. This means a leaner Dutch climbing team with a focus on developing young talent.

I myself have thought about giving up my position on the team a number of times last year. I feel like I’ve reached a certain point where I need to choose a new direction for my life. So when the coach told me I was being cut from the program, it didn’t took me much to accept his decision. It has been a great 3 years being part of the Dutch Climbing Team. I got to train with some of the best talents our sport has produced and I was able to meet other great athletes from all parts of the globe. I’ll also never forget the friendships I was able to make within the team and that special feeling of working together towards a same goal. So I say a deep and heartful thank you to everyone for allowing me to be a part of this. And I wish the future members good luck and hope they will have the same awesome experience that I had.

Of course I won’t stop climbing. I may be ready to take on new challenges with my life but I won’t be turning my back on climbing just like that. Its a sport I truly love and enjoy. You may even see me in a few more competitions. We will see. But its over and out for now.

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