At this moment the Lead Worldcup Season is being kicked off at Chamonix!

Two Dutch teammembers are competing in this Worldcup: Elko & Nikki. According the program of this event, they will climb their qualifications very soon.

Thursday 12th July

Men & women lead qualification
09:30 – 16:00 men’s qualification (route 1 & route 2)
10:00 – 14:00 women’s qualification (route 1 & route 2)

Men & women speed qualification
17:00 women’s qualification
18:00 men’s qualification

Men & women speed finals
20:45 grouping men & women in the warming zone
21:00 speed final round

Friday 13th July

Men & women lead semi-finals
13:30 observation period men & women
14:00 start of semi-finals men & women

Men & women lead finals
21:00 start of men and women finals
22:45 awarding ceremony

Follow the live cam by clicking on the photo.

Live worldcup TV from Chamonix, France

Good luck from The Netherlands.

Update 12.30:

Nikki in action, qualification route 2

Elko in action, qualification route 1

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