This morning 07.30 I found myself at Schiphol Airport. I had plenty of time to check in my luggage. Nowadays this whole procedure is automated. Quickly I put my kiwis in my suitcase before they’ll be taken away by security officers. At the check in there are no more cassiers anymore, but big machines which are ready to take your suitcase. You have to insert your suitcase, it will be weighted and then you can tag your own case. That’s it. Easy peasy.

Luckily I passed the security. They couldn’t take anything away from me. Besides that, I was lucky enough to walk through the metal gates without being checked thoroughly by the security officers.

I was walking around Schiphol for half an hour and relaxed at these nice comfy chairs with a view on the airplanes. An hour later Elko, Nikki and Ulf joined me at the computer corner, where I was enjoying free wifi.

I worked on some photos before I step on the airplane. On my way to Torino!

Update 11:30
I arrived in one piece at Turin airport where I was heading directly towards Hertz to pickup a rental car. My luggage seems complete although it looks really compact compared to the rest. I checked in 10 kg, that’s should be enough I suppose.

One hour later I was sitting behind the steering wheel, navigated by Ulf who was relaxing on the passengers seat. Nikki and Elko are sitting in the back. On my way to France!

Update 13:30
We arrived at Briançon. Everything looks so colourful here. The mountains are nice as well. Our accommodation was easy to find. Fortunately I was well prepared. I printed my bookings when I was at home. The planning for this evening is to join the technical meeting, check the action wall and dine together.

The technical meeting was nice. The teams were announced and there is one change for tomorrow. The women will start at 14.00 h instead of 15.00 h. Ulf got the start list and from all men I have the honor to start 1st in route 1. So be prepared, tomorrow I’ll be at the isolation area at 07.00 AM to prepare myself for the routes and I’ll start climbing at precisely 08.30h. Check the live stream!

My teamshirt is ready.

I’m going to sleep now cause my alarm will wake me in 7 hours again. See you tomorrow. Bonnuit!

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