It’s time to share some climbing news!

I’ll travel back in time and start with my training news.

2 months ago on Thursday april 19th we went to a climbing gym at Puurs Belgium. 2 times per month we are going to train in another climbing gym. I believe that Puurs Klimax II is one of the better climbing gyms to train.

It was a while ago since I have climbed routes: 2 months to be precise. Each Thursday I’m off at work, so I can spend time to climb. In this case it was great to be in another climbing gym.

Team members Elko, Tim and Nikki were also attending this training. Ulf assisted us by belaying me. I climbed about 8 long routes and I got quite pumpy. Where did my endurance go?

Every time I visit Puurs, I keep thinking: Okay this is it, I should return here every week to train. If I want to push my limits I should at least climb here once a month! However – 2 months later – as we’re speaking, I still haven’t returned to Puurs. I’m going to plan a climbing session right away!

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