Your reporter is home from a mountaineering day!

Since a few years I’m attending the annual mountaineering day which is held at the Nieuwegein Business Center. Yes this day is all about climbing, mountains, hiking, camping and so on.

Wonder what a Dutch teammember program looked like? Well to sum up shortly: receiving a new contract for the Dutch climbing team, announcements, introduction to the audience, demonstration climbing team, photoshoot and a meet & greet members. I’ve been busy all day long!

As you may have heard, we have a new member in our team! Hans Busker is officially added to the boulder team, welcome dude!

On the right our new team member: Hans Busker

Our team is incomplete on this photo because I took a snapshot at a wrong moment 🙂

I find it worthy to mention that we also had to say goodbye to Casper ten Sijthoff, which I think belongs to one of the best competition climbers of the Netherlands. But I’m sure he can take good care of himself and won’t stop climbing.

The demonstration in the climbing gym went well after we got introduced to the audience by speaker Joost Hofman. I climbed a few routes in this cold gym. The holds were so cold I couldn’t feel my fingers after 2 routes. We also took a new groupphoto with our team. I wonder what the result will look like.

The rest of the day was more or less a meet & greet moment to everyone. It was fun walking around and I got challenged by my teammembers so many times to climb on the Climbstation. I climbed 100.6 meters and made a handzip. Too bad, but good training though. Tabitha Buma won by a few more meters: 109 meters. Congrats after all!

More photos are available on the Dutch climbing team Facebook page. Have fun looking around!

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