Only 3 days to go, yeah! While time is ticking away, I promised to post more information about the Worldcup in Valence.

I haven’t been here before though, but I looked into this competition on the web. It’s always nice to know what you’re up against when you’re in another country.

Firstly, as we speak there are 75 77 competitors who signed up for this competition, among them are Nikki van Bergen, Elko Schellingerhout and me. We’ll leave Thursday morning by airplane from Amsterdam towards Lyon, France. Hopefully we won’t be delayed, or even worse, miss our flight.

Secondly, this is the fifth time the rock climbing Worldcup will be held in Valence. The competition will be organised by climbing club Mineral Spirit and the lead part will take place indoors. The wall is 14 meter high, has a width of 21 meters with more than 10 meter overhang! Here are some photos of the wall. In my previous post I inserted a map but below you’ll see a map with the exact location of the climbing venue.

Map: Walking distance from hotel to the climbing gym

As you can see on the map, our hotel Inter-Hotel De Paris Et Des Voyageurs is just around the corner. Thanks for booking Vera!

Thirdly, I found more information about the provisional programme. Overview:

Friday October 28th, men and women lead qualification will take place between 09.00h and 15.30h.
Saturday October 29th, semis will start at 12.30h and in the evening you can check the finals starting at 20.00h live on webcam!

Follow the Dutch climbing lead Team live or on Facebook.

To cut my post short, here is a teaser I spotted on the web. Have fun!

Video: Escalade – Teaser Coupe du Monde Valence – FFME

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