After an invitation from Rachel from Facebook, we realised our plan and went climbing at Puurs Klimax together!

From Breda Yvonne and I were lucky enough to join Pascal, Mirthe and Viola. Unfortunately we got stuck in traffic jam on the highway E19. Finally after 2 hours of driving we arrived at the climbing venue.

The weather was super! When we arrived at the climbing gym, we weren’t the only Dutch crew. Another big group of Dutch people from Heerlen arrived early in the morning. They started climbing at 10 A.M. already. Bunch of die hard climbers! 10 minutes before we arrived, a few team members arrived as well: Nikki, Elko and Tabitha. In total we were with a group of 13 Dutch people in Belgium! We set a nice record on a regular Saturday right?

I changed clothes quick, ate a sandwich and started climbing! I believe it was about 28 degrees, however when I was climbing it felt way hotter. I didn’t have a concrete plan though. I just wanted to climb some hard routes through the roof. That went pretty well!

Climbing in Puurs is quite unique. It’s a different style, a style you definitely need to get used to. Most of the routes are challenging and getting harder at the end. Nonetheless it’s really cool to climb here, it’s a nice way to practice your clipping skills. Falling out of the roof is also something you have to get used to. I like it though, I don’t think about falling, which is good so I can focus on the route!

Mirthe took more photos than me, which is quite unusual. You can view her photos here.

Anyway, enough about Puurs. Here is my yesterday’s climbing ticklist: 6a, 6a, 6a, 7a, 7b+, 7c, attempt 8a, attempt 8a and ended with a 7a. I trained well and I’m sure I’m not the only one who felt good about it! I want to climb often at Puurs, the environment feels more comfortable though. It’s a good sign for the Worldcup Lead, which is pretty soon on my calendar!

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