As I have mentioned earlier, I was testing routes for the youth lead 4 competition.

This was the last qualification for the youth to qualify for the national youth championship though.

Today I decided to visit Neoliet Eindhoven to witness the competition.

I arrived just in time to see the finals. I observed the routes well and it was good to know that the routes were all tweaked last minute! I was curious about the qualifiers and who advanced to the finals.

15 Minutes later I got myself a microphone and I was lucky enough to be a speaker during the finals. Below you’ll see my note as promised (notes are in Dutch only)!

I was standing above the stairs with a few notes and a mic in my hands. After some prep time, it was time to see the kids climbing hard.

Left there was a blue route for the girls and right there was a yellow route for the boys.

Sometimes I was so enthusiastic, that I mentioned a bit too much about the route. “Clip your quickdraw!”, I shouted. That was forbidden, however due to safety reasons it was allowed though. Everyone took advantage of my information and I saved some kids lifes yeah!

I think the kids climbed well. Easy said as a speaker though, but I think it’s important that youth climbers get nice competitions. They are the future of sports climbing.

The girls B+C category was quite intense, because two girls managed to send the route. They were advanced to a super finals. The battle was between Enya Groenland and Celine Cuypers (BEL). With a few tweaks from chiefsetter Ulf, Celine managed to win by a few more holds! Awesome!

The winners: Emma Passchier, Tabitha Buma, Wouter van Roessel, Bob Schubert and Celine Cuypers, all of you well done and congratulations with your win! The rest of the results are here.

I’m glad I was part of this competition. It was a pleasure to be here. See you next time again!

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