Last Thursday boulder setter Herman Engbers was setting problems again.

He set 4 new problems on the competition wall. We invited Hans Busker to climb with us among the national team.

And from far far away we managed to ship Nicky de Leeuw to Monk Bouldergym from Austria!

Tuesday we were with 12 climbers, unusual big group though, however on Thursday we were only with 6 climbers. Coach Wally enjoyed the training too.

First we warmed up 10 minutes and then making up problems for each other, followed by a competition simulation.

Compared to last Tuesday, the problems were harder. From 4 problems (from left to right: yellow, yellow, grey and yellow) I managed to have one bonus and one top. Herman was testing his skills for the men’s finals though.

At the end we enjoyed some yoga exercises led by CTO powertrainer Tanja Sarenac.

I liked this training a lot. By the way, most of the problems are re-adjusted by Herman, because they were a tad too hard.

More photos available on Facebook!

Thursday evening I went to climbing gym Neoliet Eindhoven to test the competition routes for the Youth lead 4 competition. I took some notes, which I will upload tomorrow on my webpage after the match. Hopefully the routes are tweaked though. Anyway, the routes are nice. Good luck tomorrow!j

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