Today I travelled a lot. From Utrecht to Amsterdam to Paris to Geneve to Chamonix!

The dislikes about this trip:
Waiting at the airport, the search and touch me everywhere at Paris when I went through a metal detector, delayed Chamonix-van travellers and therefore we got delayed as well, Burger King lunch at 17.15h, dinner at an Italian restaurant + bad service, hotel window view (I need a chair to check out the view).

The likes about this trip:
Sunny weather, little turbulence during my flights, barely no delay until we arrived at Geneve Airport, chocolate chip cookies in the airplane, free wi-fi at airports on my phone to update my status, spinach in my pasta which makes me win, hotel which is downtown, hotel window view, and the ice cream at Chamonix!

Luckily we ran into Heiko Wilhelm (Austrian coach) who informed us about the technical meeting and our start numbers. Thanks for that! I need to share that info with you. Tomorrow our qualification will start from 09.30h until 16.00 PM. My startnumber in Q1 will be 65th and Q2 will be 22nd. Elko, Q1 – 43rd and Q2 – 83rd (last). For your information: The first route is outdoors and the second route is indoors!

Anyway, I’m going to rest now. Wish me luck & goodnight!

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