This morning coach Wally gave me a quick call to wish me good luck and a safe flight. Right after that call, I entered Utrecht central. There was an announcement: No trains to Schiphol!

No need to panic though. I suddenly ran into team member Elko. He also got stuck here and together we travelled by cab to the Airport. A cab driver of large stature with a Mercedes, offered a ride for 100 bucks. His standard was usually set to 120 to the airport. With my awesome social skills, we could set a fixed price: 90 euros.

On the highway there was a lot of traffic jam!! Our driver took a shortcut and drove through small villages. Unfortunately we got stuck there as well. 2 lanes were closed! It was a race against the clock.

In the car I check my paper work. It was time to make a backup plan in case we would miss our flight. Nikki was already at the airport and got herself checked in. At quarter past 12 we still had to drive 3 km. We’re sure we’d miss this flight from 12.30.

5 minutes later we got confirmation at the check-in. The stewards sent us to the Ticket office. We were too late for our flight and had to rebook a new flight. Well now that is finished, however we’re still not sure if we have seats on the next flight at 16.15. If that one is full as well, then we’ll definitely have a seat on the next flight, which departures at 19.00h.

We passed the metal detectors, had lunch and we still have to wait for another hour.

At the gate we will be updated about our seats. Hopefully we can catch our flight today. Wish me luck!

Update: 17:45
At 16.15 Elko and I were waiting in front of the gate. I handed over my boarding pass to the stewards and had to wait patiently. We were still unsure whether we could tag along with this flight.

15 minutes later they announced us that there are probably no more seats available. I aksen about oer opportuniteit and the timetable of the net light. The stewards suggested us to take a seat and wait. I observed the stewards walking back and forth in the hallway to look for the final passengers. We witnessed how busy they were communicating with their walky talkies.

There was this Italian next to me, also listed on the waiting list. He could join this flight. Elko and I didn’t feel like waiting any longer at Schiphol airport. Then we got surprised by the steward! While we were patiently waiting, the steward raised 2 thumbs up in the air to us. That meant green light for the flight. 2 other passengers didn’t show up and we could substitute their seats. Oh yeah!

Fortunately we could finally go on board. We’ll arrive at half past 6 at Milano. And then we’ll have to drive about 3 hours to Arco, the place to be for the World championships!

Update: 23.30
We arrived safely at Milano. Fortunately I managed to pick up my luggage quick.

And then we rented a huge car to drive to Arco without any navigation. Luckily I prepared well this morning and printed the route from Milano to our hotel at Riva del Garda.

At 21.00h we stopped at Sola to have a quick dinner. We ended up in this super nice restaurant and ordered delicious pasta!

At half past 11 we arrived at the hotel. Ralf – sport coordinator – received us well and informed us about our startnumbers.

Tomorrow the ladies will start with their qualifications. Nikki will start in group A. In her first route she will start as 5th and second route as 25th! You can see her climbing on the webcam which will start from 15.00h!

Come Thursday the men’s will start their qualifications. Elko and I are both in group A. Elko will start 8th in his first route and 43rd in his second route whereas I will start 46th in my first route and 12th in my second route. Surprisingly Jorg will also compete and he will arrive tomorrow at Arco. He’s in group B and starts 13th in his first route and 82nd in his second route.

Anyway, we’re going to rock this competition! Goodnight to you all.

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