Every Tuesday afternoon I train at Monk bouldergym.

Today however we went to another location namely Puurs Klimax. You know what that means, many long routes!

My prep was successful. Rope from Climbing Technology, Boreal climbingshoes, chalkbag, harness, Berghaus team clothing and ready to go.

The CTO bus was already parked at Monk. Even Jorg Verhoeven was present, well not physically but just as a sticker on the bus.

As you can see, we went climbing with a big group.

At Puurs, I climbed about 6 routes. Not that much though, I’m not recovered yet from my elbow injury. Coach Wally observed me and told me I should keep on moving, from one hold to another hold, where my feet should automatically position in the right direction to make the next movement. I think I should have less doubts during climbing however that might not be visible during all the routes.

Unfortunately we had to leave on time. Again Jorg showed off his climbing style at Puurs…

Hopefully we can train together more often in different climbing gyms. See you next time!

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