I bet you’re looking forward to this moment. I’m pleased to announce the winner of this contest!

A week ago I decided to give away my new Berghaus rucksack. You could win this rucksack by sending me the correct answers. I’ll repeat the question below and answer them for you.

The question is:
What’s my age, how many stories have I posted so far (including this one) and when did I officially publish my website to you?

Exactly a week ago I turned 27 years old. Thank you for the many personal greetings! Furthermore I published 155 posts. Nearly everyone was correct about that, except one person. The final question was a bit tricky. My website was published to you on May 11th 2009! I had written a few posts before that date to fill up my webpage however I didn’t publish it at that time.

I’d like to thank everyone who took the effort to figure this out. There are 2 people left who sent me correct answers, but only 1 person can win this rucksack…

Check the video how I determine a winner.

Video: Cointoss

The winner is Tom Doms! You’ll receive a mail about your new rucksack.

Thank you all who participated and good luck at the next contest!

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