Last weekend a Regional Mountaineering day was held at Bussum Rocksteady climbing gym.

The climbing federation invited me to show a demonstration for lead climbing on a high level. When I entered the climbing gym it was pretty crowded and there were lots of climbing activities going on.

Boulder workshops, speed climbing, free fall, free fun climbing, mountain biking, drytool and lead climbing demonstration, GPS tour, you name it everything was possible.

Among all the people I ran into spokesperson Joost Hofman, ice climber Marianne van der Steen and former team member Ferdinand Schulte.

Joost Hofman shows off his best side

Marianne van der Steen preparing for her demo

Ferdinand Schulte is observing without blinking

At half past 1 Marianne was showing how to use drytools. She set a challenging route using chunks of trees! It was nice to see how she locks off her arms to reach the next hold with her axes.

Joost at work

Trees are cool

At 2 P.M. it was my turn to perform in front of a crowd. My task was to show how to climb a difficult route. While Joost was introducing me to the crowd I was already busy climbing the route. My mindset was set to climb with precision and focusing on the holds. It took me a few minutes to finish the route and my job was done.

After my route, Joost asked me a few more questions about the national team. Yes, we have 6 boulder members and 4 lead climbers including me. Curious who’s part of the national team? Click here to check the selection!

Ferdinand was leading workshops to teach people how to climb even better. Later on I spotted him climbing with axes too! Unbelievable, it looks so funny yet powerful.

Video: Ferdinand in action

It was nice to be a climbing example to everyone. I’m glad I was part of this Regional Mountaineering day and I hope many kids / people keep on climbing.

By the way, come Saturday I’ll be at Bussum Rocksteady again to join the first boulder competition. Hopefully the sun will keep on shining like last weekend!

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