With Upload you move from Amsterdam – The Hague – Belgium St. Niklaas – Tilburg and Eindhoven, it’s been a great journey filled with magical actions.

I’ve uploaded my final challenging problem to complete the rest of the Upload problems. The magic action was delivered at bouldergym St. Niklaas, where I wasn’t the only Upload battler.

This time I left my tripod in my bag due to scouts who were every where around you while bouldering. I’d like to keep my camera in one piece and handed it to my team member Vera Zijlstra. She kept the scouts away with her magic wand and made sure I could land safe after my attempt. Mission complete and thanks to her great camera work, I can share you my latest video.

België St. Niklaas Upload problems: Check!

Ties recording Marijn’s action on tape.

Video: Marijn in action.

Video: Men’s boulder #1 Esperanza

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