Friday evening after work I picked up my Boreal Falcon climbing shoes and my Moon chalk bag at Monk Bouldergym.
I was preparing myself for the next day. Once I got home I packed my bags and couldn’t wait to climb the new boulder problems in Tilburg.

When I woke up this morning, without alarm clock, I felt hungry. So I was fixing myself some breakfast. I didn’t have much food on stock, except a few crackers and Powerbars. I’ll survive for a few hours I suppose, thanks to Powerbar. I ran down the stairs and left my bike at the station the other day which forced me to go on foot or by bus to the station.

1,5 hours later I finally arrived at Neoliet climbing gym Tilburg. The building looks really nice. When I entered the climbing gym, I thought I’d be the first one to climb these Upload problems. I was wrong because a few locals beat me first and sent the problems on Friday evening. So much for my Upload shirt.

I walked down the stairs to the boulder area and saw Mirthe van Liere and Pascal Heger working in the Upload boulders. Obviously I wasn’t the only one who wanted to send the problems.

Ulf Lennertz and Neoliet founder Erik Jacobs joined later on. Too bad Erik doesn’t join the competition, he believes that he’s not in climbing shape however he did manage to send all the problems.

Yeah I think you should join the competition, you won’t fool me, you’re strong enough Erik, but that’s my opinion.

I like the concept of Upload competition. You can go to a climbing gym and work out the problems whenever you want. Well, I know that there are a bunch of climbers out there who recorded their ascents but haven’t uploaded any of their videos yet. I guess that’s a tactic and wait till the very end of this competition and finally upload all the problems at once and suprise everyone. Well if everyone would upload all the videos at the end, I doubt that this concept will ever return again! I just want to say that climbers should upload their videos now to support Monk with this concept.

Anyway, Pascal and Ulf recorded my problems. Without them I wouldn’t be able to record my problems and I thank them for their support.

I didn’t edit any of my videos, please turn off your speakers to mute Ulf’s comments, don’t tell me I didn’t warn you. Below you’ll see all 6 problems. Again I have to admit that it was a nice set of boulder problems and nice to send. Have fun and upload your problems too!

Women’s boulder #1 Vinnie

Women’s boulder #2 Sjors

Women’s boulder #3 Charles

Men’s boulder #1 Lola

Men’s boulder #2 Viola

Men’s boulder #3 Wendela

Extra compilation of Ulf Lennertz, who talks too much haha!

Mirthe is sharing her secrets to Ulf

Ulf working in women’s boulder #2 Sjors

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