Two days ago a mail man from DHL knocked on my door to deliver a parcel from Boreal Spain.

I’m very happy to receive this parcel. The package was wrapped in Boreal tape. Carefully I cut the box open to check the content. I was expecting climbing shoes but there was more. I also received new trail running shoes!

Futura Verde & Krypto

I’ll give you a short review about these shoes. As you can see, both shoes are green. Lets get a closer look at the Futura Verde trail running shoes.

Futura Verde

The shoe is soft and perfect for trail running, nordic walking, orienteering and fast movers. My feet feels very comfortable when I fit the shoes. It is light, 770 gram per pair, 100% waterproof and made from high-tech material. I like it.

Lets talk about the climbing shoes. Below you’ll see a nice close up of the Boreal Krypto.


The Krypto is a new model in the collection of Boreal shoes. I think it’s similar to the Crux, however the sole is softer. The rubber feels sticky and therefore I think the shoe is perfect for overhanging routes. The shoe weighs 485 gram per pair. The double velcro closure is copied from the other models. The heel doesn’t have the edges like the Falcon. I haven’t tested these climbing shoes yet, but I’m sure these shoes are pretty comfortable due to the velcro closure.

Anyway, so far my shoe review. I hope you like it. Thank you Boreal for supporting me!

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