Perhaps a bit late but I’ve got some more photos and impressions of the final Worldcup at Kranj.

My day started with a breakfast in the hotel at half past 9 in the morning. I believe every climber was present. It feels pretty cozy staying in a hotel like this. After my breakfast I was kind of bored. We were all waiting until 17.00 h to support Jorg in the finals. I explored Kranj again but the stores were all closed.

In the afternoon Nikki, Elko and I decided to eat cake at the pizza restaurant across the hotel. It was really good and delicious.

I was hanging around in the lobby with my notebook for the rest of the afternoon. I wasn’t the only one, Alizée Dufraisse was sitting next to me checking out internet. Actually I was curious about her life style. She told me she was into Russian culture, language and everything that has got to do with it. Very interesting. After a few hours my afternoon passed by and it was time to go to the climbing gym.

Climbing gym

I was at the climbing gym about half past 4. Slowly it was getting crowded. See for your self what this place looks like today.

At 17.00 h it was getting pretty crowded. People seem to have more interest in witnessing the finals. Most of the chairs were taken.

Audience and the competition wall

Very crowded as you can see. The men were introduced to the audience followed by the women. After that it was time to prepare the route.

Preparing the route

Not much later it was Jorg’s turn to climb the final route. I recorded the route in HD quality. Have fun watching it!

Jorg in the finals, Worldcup Kranj 2010

I always enjoy watching top climbers doing their best in a route. Jorg managed to end up 6th, which is a very good result. Read more about results here .

The next day my weekend was over and it was time to go home. I enjoyed my weekend a lot. It was nice to get to know other climbers. Unfortunately the Worldcup season has finished now. I can’t wait to start my next Worldcup season. For now I’ll start resting and plan a climbing break for a few weeks so my body can fully recover.

When you check out the view it’s obvious that I’m back in The Netherlands. It’s as flat as a pancake.

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