I’m one week away from home and I’m still doing well.

I’ve seen a lot this week. I’ve seen Piran by day and it looks really nice. Below you’ll see a few impressions of Piran.

Furthermore, the first few days I explored some climbing areas; Osp and Mišja Peč. It’s about half an hour driving from Piran. I haven’t been here before and I have to admit that I like it a lot. Especially because it’s October and it should be cold however the sun is warming up the rocks in the morning and I like that.

My journey to the rocks is kind of funny. The first few times Matjaz and Eline showed me how to get to these climbing areas. Now I’m on my own and I’m allowed to drive this awesome car by myself.

I usually warm up in 6a – 6c routes, but there are so many routes. I don’t even know where to start.

After a few hours I ran into a familiar face, Gabor from Hungary. I haven’t seen him for years at Tilburg. Nowadays he climbs here every week at Mišja Peč. He knew a lot about which routes are nice. He introduced me to the rocks with a topo guide. After 3 pages of descriptions he was finally done.

Then I saw another familiar face, Natalija Gros! One of the well known competition climbers of Slovenia. I talked to her and she recognized me as the photographer of the Worldcup parties. That’s a nice image I suppose. I exchanged phone numbers so we can climb together this week.

There are lots of other people I have met in this area. Gregor Vezonik was also alone and asked me to belay him. That was no problem. He managed to send the famous route Mrtvaški ples, a 8b. It means the dance of the death. I feel encouraged to climb this route as well and work it out. It feels difficult but fortunately I manage to make all the movements.

A few days later I climb together with Natalija at Mišja Peč. We suppose to meet at 10.30h at the rocks. She was already getting ready when I arrived at the parking lot. She offers me a Red Bull! Hmm I dig that, she has her trunk full of those cans anyway.

Before we start climbing, she needs her time to stretch her muscles. Meanwhile I get ready to climb. I feel like climbing. The sun is warming up the rocks and we haven’t even started yet. I really enjoyed climbing these nice warm up routes and got to know Natalija better.

In the afternoon I work out my project and it is going well. I know for sure that I can send this route. The movements aren’t complicated and very direct. Natalija gives me the explanation of this route. It motivates me a lot. Unfortunately she had to go in the afternoon. Anyway, it was fun climbing together.

Last Thursday I managed to send Mrtvaški ples in my 5th attempt. It contains a lockoff for your right arm. At the same time you have to put your feet pretty high to continue with your left hand. After I grabbed the next hold, I felt this adrenaline shot in my body. I was so psyched. A photographer was hanging next to me, shooting pictures of Mina Markovic. He stopped shooting pictures because I was passing by in front of him.

I had to keep my focus. I heard people encouraging me on the ground. Alright, I have to finish this route. I still had to pass a roof and swing my right foot pretty high on a slippery foothold. I like such movements. Not much later I managed to clip the anchor and my first 8b of this year is a fact. German, English and Slovenian people sent me their congratulations when I was back on thefloor. I was so psyched about this route, I wanted to climb more of these awesome classic routes!

When I look back at this route I find it such a pity that I sent this route. It feels like you want to own something for a long time but once you have it, you don’t feel that excited anymore. Anyway, I enjoy this moment to the best. I can now look forward to a new route.

By the way, I already picked my new route, which is 2 routes next to this one. I already worked out this route and I’m only 1 block away from the send. Soon I’ll share you more about my new project. For now, best wishes from Slovenia!

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