Today the Lead Climb Off competition was held at Rocksteady at Bussum. I have to mention that I had a nice climbing session today.

Rocksteady climbing gym

I still had to qualify for the National Championship and collected too few points at the Promotop competitions. The competition started at 13.00 h which I think is an acceptable time for such an event. You don’t have to get up early on Sunday, I like that.

18 Men and 10 women signed up for this event. Not that much but the competition went fast. My job for today was to climb 2 onsight routes. It felt more as a training instead of a competition to me. I still need to improve my onsight level though, I’ll work on that soon.

The first route was a route with black holds on the right side of the main wall. The route went just fine until I arrived at the last 6 holds. From there the holds were set in a straight line without foot holds. In my opinion it wasn’t that spectacular / nice.

Photo by: Brandsema

The second route was a yellow route, which was also set on the main wall. It had some difficult boulder movements in the beginning. I barely made it to the next hold though.

When I arrived at the big overhang, I was a bit confused. I didn’t know which sequence I was suppose to climb. When I prepared the route, I figured out a different sequence and now I had to improvise.

Photo by: Brandsema

My foot placing sucked and from that position I had to deadpoint to a pocket hold. Unfortunately I missed the hold and fell out of the route.

I missed my competition mind set today. I don’t know why, perhaps because it felt like an onsight training. Furthermore I had a good time and it was nice to catch up among other climbers who I haven’t seen for a while. In general the sphere was relaxed, music was fine and the competition was quickly organised.

Pretty cozy


After 15 minutes the results were published. In the first route you could collect more points than the second route. Together I managed to collect enough points for a 2nd place. I’m okay with that, as long as I can compete on the NC on 6th of November. I’m happy with my sack of chalk, a jar of Climb on and not to forget my green access card for the National Championship. It makes my day.

Access card NC Lead

To check out the results of the Climb Off event, click here. Just one more month and then the National Championship Lead climbing 2010 will be held at Arnhem. I’m looking forward to it, but for now I’ll try to improve myself.

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