Lahko noč Irena, that’s the name of the 2nd 8b project which I was working out the other day. It means “Goodnight Irena”.

As I mentioned before, this project is 2 routes next to my other route. It contains 2 boulders. The first boulder starts after 5 meters. The second crux is just before the end of the route. The wall is slightly overhanging and quite huge. Yesterday the climbing conditions were pretty good. I managed to send this route on my 6th attempt. I believe that this route is much harder than Mrtvaški ples, it’s just not continuous. I was only 1 block removed from the send. And yesterday it was my moment to climb it.

I arrived at 11 o’clock in the morning at Mišja Peč. The parking lot was fully parked with cars. It’s weekend and the weather is good which means that it is crowded at the rocks. I’m lucky and found a spot to park my car. I grab my bags and run up to the rocks. I see people everywhere, they are even hanging in my nice warm up routes. Today the sun is shining again, just like any other day.

I’m going to explore the other side of the rocks. I see that it’s pretty crowded. My German and English friends whom I met earlier are here too. There are bags and ropes everywhere.

I’m trying to find a spot to put my bags. I’m putting on my harness to warm up. All easy routes are occupied, so I suppose I have to warm up in a 6c+. My fingers feel a bit warmed up. I take a look at my project. To stay flexible, I need to stretch my muscles. I discuss different methods with other people who are also trying to send this route.

It is time to go for an attempt. I’m getting ready for this route. My German friend is going to belay me.

I arrive at the first crux. I’m placing a lolotte with my feet and drop my right knee to grab a side hold. Then I grab a small aggressive hold with my left hand.

The difficult part starts here. I need to deadpoint to an undercling and place my feet super high on dirty black sloper holds. Then I have to jump to this big jug, one of the best holds of Mišja Peč. I succeeded to climb through the first crux.

Then I cruise my way up. There are lots of different holds, crimps, side holds, tuvas and finally arrive at the second crux.

With my left hand I have a small hold and cross over with my right hand to a pinch. Then with my left hand I need to go to another side pinch. I’m placing another lolotte with my feet and drop my right knee to grab this micro hold. Now I need to place my feet higher and go to a sloper edge. Unfortunately I couldn’t grab the left hold. I’m working out this part and know for sure that I’ll send this route in my next attempt. There is really nothing difficult about this part, it’s just a matter of figuring out the proper sequence, hold on and continue.

Meanwhile it was noon and the sun started to shine upon the route. My next attempt will be at 5 P.M. The sun won’t be that warm when climbing so late. In the afternoon there aren’t many people climbing in the sun. I’m going to take a long break and eat a Powerbar, some sweet bread buns, and drink lots of water.

One hour later it seems to get a bit cloudy. This is my opportunity! I could send the route now or later. I’m going for the send and get my orange Falcon shoes ready. This time an Italian is going to belay me. He says he’s going to encourage me when I’ll be climbing the route. I like this and I get very enthusiastic. People wishing me good luck and lots of fun and I know I will need it.

I arrive at the first crux again. I manage to jump to the big jug. Then I climb my way up to the second crux. I hear lots of people cheering and it feels like an adrenaline shot. During the second crux I’m holding on to the micro hold with my right hand and put my feet up high.

I’m looking at the sloper edge and I’m going for it! Yes, I got it! Quickly I match my right hand on a side pinch above my left hand. I know I can send this route. Just 10 more movements to go.

I try to relax and look behind me. It is the greatest view from this point. I’m looking down and people are sticking up their thumbs and smile to me. I smile in the route and focus again. I can’t make any more mistakes.

The 10 movements went well and I arrive at the anchor. I managed to send this route! What a nice feeling. I turn around and enjoy the amazing view.

On the floor I receive many compliments from Germans, Czechs, Hungarian, English and Polish people. They shake my hand. I feel like I’m a celebrity. I’m proud at my send, because it wasn’t easy.

This was my third climbing day in a row. I know my body and feel that I’m getting in shape. I think traversing at Monk Bouldergym and climbing routes at Amsterdam and other climbing gyms definitely made me achieve my goal. I still have time left to get in super shape. My holiday can’t get any better.

By the way, I’d like to thank the people who belayed me and encouraged me, without them it wasn’t possible for me to send these routes.

It is time to get some rest now. It is a good plan though, because Sunday will be just as crowded as Saturday at Mišja Peč. Alright, it’s time for me to end this story and enjoy my weekend.

Goodnight people. Ciao ciao.

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