I’m back in The Netherlands!

2 Months ago I booked a ticket to Slovenia. I didn’t bother to check the weather conditions. My goal was to climb a lot of routes outdoor and visit some nice cities.

I had 12 climbing days and 2 times it was bad weather at Mišja Peč. I have been lucky with the weather.

Mišja Peč – October 2010

As you know, the first week I climbed very little. I just explored some crags to see what it’s like. My goal was to climb 10 routes each day. Well I was too optimistic about my goal. It takes a lot of time to pick a route, check the rope, check the quickdraws etc. I changed my goal very soon. Each day I’ll just try to climb an 8-graded route. Well, not much later I managed to send my first 8b of this year. And 2 days later I repeated another 8b route.

– 8b, Mrtvaški ples
– 8b, Lahko noč Irena

Both routes are pretty fun. (you can read more about these routes in my previous posts.)

Last week I didn’t really try difficult routes. In my second week I mainly focused at popular routes. Below you’ll see a list of all the routes from last week.

– 8a+, Popaj
– 8a+, Sunce v očeh
– 8a, Čao bejbe
– 8a, Corto
– 8a, Giljotina
– 8a, Iglu
– 8a, Oktoberfest
– 8a, Samsara

In sum I managed to send ten 8-graded routes. It’s nice to add these routes on my ticklist. I also climbed lots of other routes to warm up. The best and nicest 8a routes were Iglu, Samsara and Giljotina. I like Iglu because Gabor set the quickdraws, worked it out and belayed me. Thanks to him I could flash the route. Samsara is the most popular 8a route of Mišja Peč, it is a nice and beautiful line.

Jenny, Bruno, Truong

Truong in Samsara

And Giljotina is also located on the main wall, it contains one difficult move but it is really nice. I won’t go into details for the other routes because I’d like to share a brief story.

Climbing 2 weeks outdoors is enough for me. In the morning when I look outside the window and catch some sun shine it really motivates me to get up. Each climbing day I try to be at the rocks between 10.00h and 10.30h. In the afternoon I was surviving with bread and a jar of Nutella chocolate, some fruit and sometimes a Powerbar. In the evening I have dinner with Matjaz and Eline or I go out for dinner. It makes my day.

I can’t really imagine what it’s like to climb outdoors for a longer period. The most important thing about climbing outdoors is that you need to enjoy it at all times. I’m talking about enjoying the moment, enjoy being in the nature, enjoy the rocks, being injury free and believe in yourself. I believe in myself, without my motivation I couldn’t climb these routes. I enjoyed and learned a lot about my climbing moments.

Besides climbing I also visited Ljubljana which is the capital of Slovenia. It is about 120 kilometers from Piran.

Distance Piran – Ljubljana

And I visited Triest in Italy.

The other rest days I spent in Piran. I need to recover from my climbing moments.

Recover tactics

I really had a fun climbing holiday and met lots of friendly and nice people. I hope to see everyone very soon again.

October is a good climbing month, just like last year. The conditions are good and it gives me the best climbing memories. I achieved my goal this holiday. I climbed a lot. Perhaps I’ll book another ticket to Slovenia again to climb at Mišja Peč. This climbing area is a must for every route climber.

Mišja Peč – October 2010

It is almost November and I have 2 more lead competitions scheduled in my calendar. I just have 1,5 week to recover and prepare myself for the NC Lead at Arnhem. Wish me luck!

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