It is Saturday morning and again I need to get up early.

Just before my alarm goes off I’m already awake and my left arm feels sore in my triceps. I take a hot shower and pack my stuff. My notebook is still on bed and I need to wrap it up. Every day I write about my adventures. By the time I’ll be back at home it will only take a minute to upload it to my webpage. It just takes a lot of time to pick photos and write a story, but I’d like to keep my site up to date.

Anyway, it’s quarter to 8 and it’s time to eat breakfast. I see Nikki sitting at a round table. Her hair looks tight, which means she is set in competition mode. I serve myself a currant bun with some muesli, yogurt and a cup of tea.

Wally joins us for breakfast. During our breakfast we stare at this amazing lake at the backyard of the hotel. Today there are few gooses, swans or ducks at the lake.

After 20 minutes we are done with our breakfast. I’m going to get my bags to check out of the hotel. I return their access card and we’re on our way to the competition venue.

When we arrive at the climbing gym we have ample time. I receive another lunch bag and pass it on to Wally. Nikki and I have plenty of time to warm up.

We climb about 5 routes and then head on to the boulder area. We finish our warming up with some dynamic moves. I am warmed up properly.

It’s time to observe the route. The men’s category are gathering at the stairs. I run back to grab my sweater. Wally is concerned and lend out his thick winter jacket. He is staying in the isolation area. We are about to observe the route, we have 6 minutes to figure out the proper sequence. I take a good look at the holds and visualise myself in the route. Jorg and I are preparing the route and the sequence looks quite obvious.

We’re out of time and we are sent back to the isolation area. I reckon a specific hold in the route. I slipped away from this hold at Imst. While I put on my harness, all I can think about is the route. I’m ready to climb this route.

I have to get ready because I need to climb soon. In the isolation area the judges are checking upon my knot. They’ll carry my bags when it’s my turn. I walk down the stairs and look at the route. I wave to the crowd and there is some cheering for me. Okay, it’s time to climb.

Truong Ngo, semi finals WC Puurs

The first few holds feel pretty good. Small crimps with okay foot holds. The route starts not too difficult, because I can make all the movements.

Truong Ngo in action, semi finals WC Puurs

Truong Ngo in action, semi finals WC Puurs

I’m confident I can carry on like this. Then I have to grab these small crimps and swing my left foot onto a foothold which is set on a big orange volume. I can barely reach the foot hold and have to give it another try with my stomach muscles. Then I have to continue to a round hold, I have to pinch that hold. When I go to that hold, I try to control my movement. Static I try to reach the hold with my left hand. I can’t reach it and fall out of the route. What a bummer, I should’ve thrown myself to that hold. I should’ve gotten higher in this route.

I observe other climbers and see that they’re throwing themselves to that hold. I can’t wait to give it another try. Eventually I end up 26th, last place in the semis. I’m satisfied with my result because I managed to advance to the semis but on the other hand I’m somewhat disappointed in myself when I look at this competition. I accept my result and need some distraction.

I’m going to sign up for a dyno contest.

Between the semis and the finals they’re organising a dyno contest. Unfortunately the weather isn’t cooperating. Sometimes it’s pouring rain and sometimes the sun is shining.

I’m not good at this and reach a silly score of 2.10 meter. This event draws a lot of attention, the winner will get 400 euro. Too bad me and my team members weren’t able to win this price.

The finals were fun. Despite the weather it was pretty crowded.

Below you’ll see the winners of the Worldcup event at Puurs. Check out the end results here.

Women top 8

Men top 8

And of course I managed to get a photo with the top 3 winners!

Jain Kim (nr. 1) & Truong Ngo

Truong Ngo & Ramón Julian Puigblanque (nr. 1)

Truong Ngo & Mathilde Brumagne (nr. 2)

Truong Ngo & Jakob Schubert (nr. 2)

Truong Ngo & Angela Eiter (nr. 3)

Truong Ngo & Adam Ondra (nr. 3)

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