Today I woke up at 8 in the A.M. I believe I slept like 10 hours! Usually I sleep about 6 or 7 hours a day, anyway I feel well rested.

I ate some breakfast in the hotel before I go to the competition wall. Tim and Elko are getting ready and we’re leaving our hotel. It’s about 10 minutes by foot to get to the venue.

Wally and Vera are present at the competition wall. Nikki needs to climb early and we all encourage her. It’s going very well and she controls every single move. When she matches her right hand with her left hand, both her hands slips off the hold. Such a pity, it went so well.

My start number is 25. I have about an hour and a half to warm up. I look at my 1st qualification route and observe other climbers. The route looks kinda straight forward with a few footholds. I’m warming up indoors at the boulder area.

Again I’m observing the first qualification inside which is projected at this huge screen. I’m ready to climb.

The 1st qualification starts with a small jump. I can only think about the route and isolate everything around me. The holds feel good and I know exactly when to clip the quickdraws. During my climb I need to control every movement. I can’t be indecisive.

I’m not even half way when I match my left hand on a sloper hold. Suddenly my right hand slips off the hold. It is over and I’m standing on the floor. Once again I’m not even pumped and I’m fed up with it.

I’m preparing myself for the 2nd qualification. I only think about the good moments during my 1st qualification. I still have about an hour until it’s my turn. The 2nd route is more technical than the first route, the routesetters set more balance movements in the route. During my preparation I observe other climbers. I pay attention to their movements and when they clip the quickdraws.

I feel like climbing this route. The first 5 movements are easy. I climb from hold to hold and it feels like single boulder movements. It is going okay and I decide not to rest too much. The first part is vertical and the higher you’ll get, the more overhang you climb.

This route isn’t that difficult. Half way in this route I’m going to a small hold. With my fingertops I feel a small edge however that’s not enough. My body isn’t close at the wall and I fall out of the route. Too bad, I know this isn’t good enough to advance to the finals. I end up low in the ranking, 48th place.

Tim ends up 40 and Elko ends on place 45. Nikki ends up 34th in the women’s category.

Jorg was present as well. His first qualification went okay, he nearly climbed the whole route.

The 2nd qualification went better, he climbed the whole route. Jorg is on a 7th place and he’ll return on Friday to climb the semis.

I’m disappointed about my results. On the other hand I know I can give so much more. My plan for this week is to climb with Tim, Elko and Nikki at Innsbrück. Hopefully we’ll do better next week at Puurs.

Oh yes, today it was Nikki’s birthday. She turned 18 years old! Happy birthday Nikki.

Nikki’s birthday present

In the evening we’re obliged to visit the opening ceremony at the competition wall.

On our way to the competition wall with the Dutch flag!

Ceremony on stage

The ceremony ends up with a weird act.

Man with a cape

It was a nice experience. Tomorrow our boulder team will climb at Innsbrück and we’re there to support them!

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