I arrived safely at Munich. The weather conditions are good compared to The Netherlands. It’s dry and that is a good sign for this week!

We are going to pick up our suitcases. Not much later we receive all our Berghaus suitcases. We need to rent 2 cars and we’re ready to go.

At the parking lot we figured that the cars are too small. The sum of our suitcases doesn’t fit in the car!

We’re going back to the rental car department for a solution. Meanwhile another hour passed by.

Finally we receive 2 bigger cars. This time all our luggage fits in the car. Our team is going to Imst and we’ll see the boulder team later at Innsbrück. I’m going to drive this huge car while Nikki is setting the navigation. It takes 2,5 hours to drive to our destination in Imst.

Thanks to our navigation we could easily locate the hotel. In the evening we went to a nice Italian restaurant to order pasta.

Magic by Tim

Wally is sharing our startnumbers and keeps us up to date by phone. Unfortunately I don’t have internet connection at the hotel. I’ll update my stories later.

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